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Taking the Agnus Dei off.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Taking the Agnus Dei off....
No church for me in any of its sundry forms today. Dog Church was off for the day; our usual companions were AWOL, because Ann just spent the past two days participating in a half-marathon up the side of a mountain in the Adirondacks.

She was excused:)

That left my new faith group and the old one.  Oddly, I was leaning toward the latter; although I feel much more comfortable with the theology and practices and inclusiveness of Unity, I found myself missing friends from the Old Methodist Thing, and was actually planning to put in an appearance with them today.

Didn't.  When the crucial launch window arrived, I still had housework to do, preparatory to Eleanor's enshrinement of her scroll (Gohonzon) in the box (Butsudan) that she's been working on for weeks.  That seemed more important to me than singing hymns and chanting lifelong incarnations that really haven't done anything for me for years.  So, some other time.

For her part, Eleanor also stayed home from her new faith's extended morning-long chanting session downtown, since a small group of the faithful would be coming over here this afternoon for this ceremony.  So we cleaned, and ate, and ran wash, and just did what Father Mulcahy once referred to on M*A*S*H as "your secular activities," until the ladies got here a bit past two.

Before that, we witnessed a touching memorial to the sad death of a major league baseball player- for a competing team.  Jose Fernandez was a young, talented and vibrant pitcher for the Miami Marlins, whose death in an off-Florida-shore boating accident the other day was confirmed shortly before the Mets' own game time.  Several players on our team, including at least one native to Cuba as the deceased was, honored him before the game with a Mets jersey (he never played for the team) with his name and number:

The Mets had a small lead before our ceremony began; it would get larger.  The Butsudan was installed, and we did other things, before the day was done, but I'll await both Eleanor's perceptions of it, as well as my own, before adding more.
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