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Out but not down.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Out but not down....
As times go to get sick, this is as good a one as any. I was on my third day on the new BP med, which seemed to be working, and was also feeling a little sore in the arm from the flu shot they gave me when I went in, but then Saturday dawned and my throat had that telltale sign of trouble.  I made it through a 9 a.m. workout with no ill effects, but by day's end, it had escalated to chills and general malaise.  Fortunately, I had nothing planned for Saturday other than some Captain America Civil War watching after some earlier-afternoon New York Mets Playoff Spot clinching.

Yesterday morning, I actually felt a little better.  Dog Church was delayed, between rain and our fellow pupperishioners having other plans in the morning.  I finally got Ebony up there around 2 p.m.; we usually prefer morning because it's less crowded, but this was during the Bills game and the place was as quiet as the morning sessions usually are.  Lots of new faces (and butts for Ebony to sniff), including more than a few young pups there for one of their first times.

The afternoon was then divided among three sporting events: the closing moments of the Bills unexpected win, a few check-ins on the Mets final game (they lost, but it was meaningless to their playoff seeding), and best of all listening to most of Dodger broadcaster Vin Scully's final call.  This is a guy who goes back to when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn, two years before I was born.  A guy who gave the nation the eternal moments of the Mets' 1986 World Series comeback and victory.  A guy who treated everyone- from his fellow in-awe broadcasters to the cleaner emptying the trash in the broadcast booth- like a friend.  His final words, as the Dodgers lost their final regular season game (also meaningless to their post-season):

I have said enough for a lifetime, and for the last time, I wish you all a pleasant good afternoon.

We ate in the greenhouse last night, and I felt I'd be up to the workday today- but then came Day Three- Attack of the Loogies.  Lots of wakies last night, and by wakeup time I felt as crap as I had two days before.  I've bombed myself with Vitamin C and constant water, which seems to be helping, but I don't want to bring this into the office.  I'd planned to get bagels for them this morning, since today is- okay, Saturday was- the one-year anniversary of my official move into the group here.  They have been the best of co-workers, without exception, and some count among my dearest of friends.  So I ain't getting them sick, thanks.

I have only one court appearance this week, there's enough here to work on, and I will run in briefly to grab a few files and drop off a few inedible things, but I suspect there may be some downtime before day is out.  We've rescheduled Bagel Day from Bagel Jay for Wednesday; hopefully by that time, both my health and the Mets' chances of advancing will be even better:)
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