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A Busy Day-Off-and-a-Half - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A Busy Day-Off-and-a-Half
For most purposes, I was off as of noon yesterday. I attended a committee meeting in downtown Buffalo, came home to change out of work clothes, then stopped briefly in the Rochester office before heading out another half-hour east of there to see the kids.  There was purpose in that: Emily is trying to restart her art career, and one step in that was getting access to a professional-grade printer for her samples.  As it happens, we had an extra fitting that order: Eleanor's previous photography-grade printer, an Epson, had stopped working a couple of years ago, and she replaced it with her current HP. Eventually, we had a friend take a shot at fixing its printhead in case she could then sell it at a garage sale she was holding, but she wound up just needing to do some cleaning and reconditioning, and it was pronounced good as new- whereupon it sat in our cellar bathroom ever since.

We tested it out yesterday, connecting it to the crappy old XP Boat Anchor we use for such oddities, and it communicated but was showing cartridge errors. I got out to the kids' place a little after 4 yesterday afternoon, hauled the Epson up the stairs, and Em found the needed Windows 10 drivers for it- but it still popped the cartridge error. Not surprising, given how long it had been in the cellar with the cartridges slowly airing out, so we took a quick trip to Wal-Mart and found a new set of them.  Still, though: no workee.  In time, she told me she'd try to troubleshoot it herself and I began the drive home, but before I even got past the first Rochester exit, there came a text: I got it working!  It needed, surprise surprise, just a little cleaning to get the new cartridges to register.

I rolled in around 8 pm, a Wegmans dinner bought en route half-eaten in the store and the other half quickly consumed once I got here.  Then Eleanor asked me to chant with her, after she'd had a similarly long day of her own.  I was cool with it, but I noticed she kept looking over to me to make sure I could keep up with the 5-15 minute recommended duration of the repeated mantra. When she vocalized that, I just said, "What, you think a lawyer's gonna have trouble in a hot air contest?"  She busted a gut laughing for the duration of the gongyo, and shared the story with several others, including Emily.


After one of my better nights of sleep in a while other than a really weird dream, I woke up right on time for a 9:00 workout. When it was over, it was pouring outside. Usually, I walk from the studio to the Wegmans in the adjacent plaza to get breakfast, but given the rain, I just ran to my car and drove instead to the Wegmans closer to home that Eleanor works at during the week.

I wound up ordering breakfast from a delightful young lady who works at their coffee bar, who complimented me on the shirt I was wearing:

Not only was she familiar with the show; she was in the cast:) (I told Eleanor when I got home; she knows Arin, and knew that both she and her boyfriend had been in the show.)

Spent the afternoon among clearing my desk, mowing the entire yard, and resting from all of the above.  We ended the day with the special feature section of the Endeavour disks, and moar chanting- plus watching in glee as Drumpf disintegrates before our very eyes.

(Oh- and I'm sticking with my default icon, because a question I'd posed to Ken Levine, one of the late-era writers for MASH, was used, and answered relative to something I'd asked him a few weeks back, in the Friday Questions series of his blog. Mine is the one from Ray at the end.)

All in all, pretty accomplished for not having punched in:)
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