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That'll teach me to work on a cursed holiday.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
That'll teach me to work on a cursed holiday....
Well, here, anyway. If you're Canadian, you're truly blessed with family, a wonderful and multicultural Thanksgiving celebration.  Meanwhile, we get our banks closed and our mail goes undelivered- on account of a dude who didn't discover anything, invaded a continent, kicked the native peoples out of their lands and stole their stuff, and then brought all their treasure (and probably syphilis) back home with him.

Least he didn't get caught on tape calling them pussies.

I could've taken the day off.  The rest of this week is going to be a bear- court in three different places at 9:30 tomorrow, 6:30 Wednesday night and 10 Thursday morning, plus the usual BS that always follows a three-day weekend.

Okay, I slept in (for me) and came in a little late, but I was here.  It was a nice and relatively quiet Sunday- Dog Church at 8, Old Church at 11 (just to see some old friends- little other reason to go back there), cleaning of floors and fish during the afternoon, cardio and a Mr. Robot in between cleanings, and a late but satisfying Bills victory in LA.  We watched another Endeavour, and turned in at a decent hour- so I headed in, just to catch up on timekeeping, get two already-written letters out, and deal with anything else that might come up.

Which, mostly, nothing has.  So I cleaned out the inbasket, but just before closing out one file, I decided to scan the document in it.  Bad move.  I missed a staple in the assembly and the sheet feeder on the copier ground to a complete halt, smooshing every original document stuck into it.

Fortunately, the copier service is neither Italian-American nor Canadian, and their guy got here and fixed the problem within an hour of my calling it in.

I'm now going to scan the  thing- sheet by sheet on the damn glass- and get out of here before anything else, including All Hell, breaks.
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