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"Cue the Mystical Bleats!" - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"Cue the Mystical Bleats!"
Here's a tip: support your local film festival.  It doesn't seem to matter if it's a big one or the kinda ticky-tack one we have going here, that's run out of a basement of a building in Harlem but garishly calls itself the "Buffalo International Film Festival." If you order tickets online, as we did to one of their screenings a few years ago, you wind up on mailing lists for studios and survey operators and get invites to free previews, usually a week or so before their release.  Through this, we saw Philhomena (loved it), Saving Mr. Banks (not so much), Guardians of the Galaxy (got there too late, as they routinely overbook these cinemas, but did get a poster for the kids) and probably invites to some others.  This time was a little different in that they were screening not a full film but just an extended 15-minute preview.

For Doctor Strange. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch.  In 3-D and IMAX.  Aw hell yeah.

Eleanor had Art And Plenty Of It to keep her busy, so I just ran over to Regal literally on the dot of the scheduled start, and the Marvel comic reel was just starting when I got there.  We watched as Doc S lost his shit and regained higher consciousness or whatever Tilda and Other Benedict were dishing out up on the mountaintop.  The 3-D things hurtled toward us, Manhattan folded in on itself, and of course the stupid Brit does a spot-on US accent.

Before the lights came up, one voice from behind me summed up the whole experience:  HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AWESOME!

It opens 4 November.  I think I'll be there.


Once home, I Facebooked a brief note about the screening. A friend of mine from old AOL days, who lives in London (the Canadian one), mentioned, Oh yeah, that's the one my cousin is in.

Well.  Marvel films tend to go heavy on extras; half of downtown Rochester's daytime population got roped into Amazing Spiderman 2 a few years before that reboot rebusted.  So I asked, Who's your cousin? An Avenger, or Flattened Citizen 16?

Ha ha.  Let me check IMDB, she replied. I think her character's named Christine Palmer.

I got there first- and wow, eh?  My friend's cousin is Rachel McAdams.

It makes sense.  Her breakout US role was in 2004's Mean Girls, but we came to know her (if somewhat later than the original airings) from her work on 2003's first season of Canada's Slings and Arrows.  She always came across as a kind and down-to-earth kind of performer; I'm thrilled to be seeing her in something that looks a little more surreal than your standard SOCK POW BIFF content of the Marvel Comic Universe.

So my Benedict Cumberbatch Number is down to two.  Not as good as Kevin Bacon's, but it's a lot lower than it was at this time last night;)
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