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News and Brews - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
News and Brews
The replacement for the dead phone is here and fully loaded. It is not the same, larger one Eleanor got but an upgraded (and twice as big on the inside) version of my previous 5S in the same-size case. Which means the previous phone's Mets case still fits, yay!, and with screen protection now added, I should be good to go.

The "restore" wasn't as smooth as advertised. Backups to iTunes do not include passwords or syncing instructions, so those had to be manually entered. Twice, as it turned out, since even after the first full restore, iTunes kept wanting me to restore either to factory or to the previous backup. Eventually I overcame the hiccups (with the help of some new and extremely profane passwords), and all seems to be well.

For me, at least. My dear friend and officemate emailed me this morning to say her father-in-law had just passed away.  Once she finally got into the office, I learned that she, too, had smashed her 5-size iPhone screen- victimized while visiting  neighbors to inform them of their loss. Apparently she is lacking the insurance that I had, so I referred her to a local outlet of a chain which friends spoke highly of when I reported my own loss.   I hope it works out for her.


Failing which, there's always beer.

My friend and fellow dog-church celebrant Ann, who I've been working out with in different places for years, invited me to a fundraiser tonight sponsored by her running group. A twenty-dollar donation to breast cancer research got you two free craft beers from a local microbrewery, pizza and finger foods, a chance at raffle prizes, and plenty of good company.

All of which was all good.  Here's my obligatory photo of Ann the fotog:

Yes, those are beer cans behind her. I'd never guessed there was a microbrewery in this industrial park fourish miles from home; I certainly couldn't guess how many cans there were back there, but Brew Dude and I did some math and we came up with "148,000 cans of beer on the wall" (my donation only got me two pints):

I downed my first (cherry vanilla) pint and a slice of pizza, then headed home to feed animals.  Once Eleanor got home and was cool with it, I returned for some steps into my past and even Emily's.

There were more than those 148,000 cans. This microbrewery had kegs-

- and even vats-

I turned in my second freebie for a Coffee Porter ale, and returned to where Ann and several of her friends were dining.  Deja vu quickly settled in: she'd previously mentioned the name of a friend who I thought I remembered from law school,  and it indeed it was she I saw there tonight, but Ann hadn't mentioned Ellen's husband, also from our class, who I also remembered and appreciated for his Cubs cap (now that the Mets are eliminated;)-

Turns out they live near us, and at least their oldest daughter probably knew Emily at Amherst High School.

Speaking of which, another couple in attendance included a retired AHS teacher who taught AP English there until the year before Em got to ninth grade:

That's Jack, his companion showing off the craft-brew growler they won in the fundraiser's raffle. (Way lots of prizes; even I won something: a bag with a ballcap, a backpack, some  running gloves and a fanny belt, plus assorted chocolate and energy bars.)

All in all, a cool night for a cool cause.
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