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Good Things on a Fall Saturday: - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Good Things on a Fall Saturday:

No, not the work kind.  Earlier in the week, I noticed something about the new phone I hadn't before; when I scrolled through the pictures in the camera roll, they seemed to come slightly to life as each rolled by.  I showed Emily on Friday; she explained that the iPhone had added a new "live" function which I'd turned on, which made a short .gif-like short video out of each shot which you accessed by pressing down on the shot.  Unfortunately, they were in an Apple-only format and could only be shared with other iDevices that way.

Unless there was an app for that- and there was. Were, in fact.  The first recommended for conversion to true .gif format was something called Lively, which took these gizmos and gif-ified them- but with watermarks and apparently with charges after the first few tries. I tried anyway, picked a picture of Ebony and Ursula frolicking the previous Sunday, and turned into a gif-a-licious shot of them moving about:)  Unfortuately, Facebook wouldn't publish it with the animation; too big, maybe?  So I pressed on and found one called LP Converter, which was cost-free, watermark-free, but also Facebook-free in that its video attributes didn't upload there, either.  Ah, but with a little help from Dropbox? They upload quite nicely here:)

And I can link to this there, so there ya go:)

(We were back at the parp! this morning and had a nice time running all around.)



Yesterday afternoon, we sat down to watch the recording, from the previous night, of the Hamilton's America documentary on PBS. We were able to record it because our public-television affiliate has finally gone along with the network in showing important things like this on schedule instead of feeding reruns to their large audience of senile viewers who can't stay up that late.

In one word: wow. A-Ham nailed it and how. It's even got me rapping now.

Much of the show itself is shown, either onstage on Broadway or from a command performance with the entire cast and band at the White House.  The documentary segments go back to years before Opening Night, with Lin-Manuel, still onstage with In the Heights, stumbling over Ron Chernow’s 2004 biography of the founding father and turning it into a song, then a second song almost a year later, but eventually an entire book and a set of music and a national phenomenon.

Everybody Loves Alex.  There are clips from both Obama and George Dubya, from Elizabeth Warren and Paul Ryan, from Steven Sondheim and John Weidman, from Jimmy Fallon and both Roots.  They take on the good and the bad of the realties of the characters depicted- the slaveowning founders, the pettiness between men and factions, the blood sport that led, in perfectly punctilious correspondence, to the final duel between A. Hamilton and A. Burr- but they also note that there was a Room Where It Happens- and what happened was a terrible, horrible, nasty and deplorable thing in modern politics: compromise.  They talked; they listened; they gave and they got. Remember when our leaders in our lifetime used to do that without being pilloried?

Through it, we not only see the stage where the show goes on eight times a week, but so many of the places depicted on it: Valley Forge. The site of the Room Where It Happened.  The blood field in Weekawken where it ended. And the graves of both Burr and Hamilton, who both did get their Shot.

I'd never really seen many of the clips from the play or soundtrack before- as with Rent, which I also came to know in a single sitting listening to the soundtrack, I'm glad I got to know it as a more-or-less unified whole, which will make seeing it, whenever and wherever we do see it (as we will see Rent in just over two weeks YAY!), all the more special.
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