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Sick Things.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Sick Things....
(A variation on yesterday's theme.)

*Us. Still. Mostly her, though.

We had his-and-hers doctors appointments yesterday. I know, how womantic.  I finally got through the almost month-long wait to get in to the practice that Eleanor's been with for some time now.  She had her own followup appointment scheduled for today on her pneumonia situation, but the PA was nice enough to call Monday and ask if we wanted to do them at the same time yesterday morning. I'm mostly over my Cough from Hell (still get a jag or two a day, usually around sleeptime, but nothing troublesome), but I got to go first.

In twenty minutes, my new PA practitioner asked more questions, checked more things, and considered more options than my MD of almost 20 years had likely done in all of that time.  She was the first to wonder whether there was a connection with my BP being suddenly up and my minor sleep apnea diagnosis from probably 15 years ago.  A second-a-day pill has been added, and we may be adding a sphygmomanometer  to the house if the stations inside Wegmans pharmacies are too inconvenient or inconsistent (I just like saying "sphygmomanometer" any time I can;).  They did a full blood workup on site, including thyroid and sugar tests, which I may or may not have ever had done; dude just never discussed with me what he was doing.

I feel better already.

Eleanor's going to need more bettering, but she's on the right track. Melissa put her on a new antibiotic and added a steroid pack that's been a real untasty treat the first day, but it tapers over the dose's run.  She also sent her home for the rest of that day and today.  It's a tough customer- at least one of Eleanor's coworkers took a month to shake off the pneumonia- but then she's pretty used to tough customers, so we're hopeful.


* Privileged Puswad in Pittsford.

It took a Washington Post story over the weekend to bring this to my attention, but it's unfortunately much more local and extremely predictable:

For more than two years, Clarise Coleman faithfully attended every track practice and every cross-country meet for her son, Chase.

Part of it was being a supportive parent, proud that Chase had finally found “his sport.” Coleman loved the camaraderie that the cross-country team gave her 15-year-old freshman, even if it meant frequently road-tripping from their home in Syracuse for meets all around New York state.

But as the mother of a nearly nonverbal autistic child, Coleman also knew that she needed to be there for Chase in case he needed help. She often scouted out racecourses ahead of time, noting where the lanky teenager might get lost or confused, as he often did.

A few weeks ago, her worst fears came true when Chase — who was running in a meet in Rochester, N.Y., with his team from Corcoran High School — was assaulted by a stranger in the middle of a race.

Coleman had been waiting for him near the reservoir in Cobb’s Hill Park, at a part of the course where runners would come down a hill — but Chase never appeared. So as she often would do at meets, she went looking for him.

“I started walking that direction, and I’m screaming his name out: ‘Keep going, Chase!'” Coleman told The Washington Post. “And a young lady came up to me and said, ‘Are you looking for one of your runners?’ … She said, ‘Some man just assaulted him.’ ”

"Some man" turned out to be an overentitled white guy, my age, from the Rochester suburb next to, and up from, the one we lived in for our first seven years together:

The female witness, identified in a police report as Collin Thompson, told police that she had seen Chase running in the middle of the road. Thompson then witnessed an older white male get out of his car, according to a police incident report. Thompson said the man approached Chase and push him to the ground, after which he yelled, “Get out of here.”

The other witness, Kris Van Metter, told Syracuse.com that he had just finished a bicycle ride when he saw the same scene.

“I see a grown man, who is quite tall and fairly heavy … exit the vehicle and give this young man a shove that puts him back 10 feet and flat on his butt,” Van Metter told the news site. “Like, just shoved him across the road. The kid didn’t seem to be doing anything but standing there, obviously had nothing in his hands and weighed all of 130 pounds. This guy was easily twice that.”

Neither Thompson nor Van Metter could be reached Sunday.

They had, however, caught the man’s license plate number and police used it to track down a 57-year-old man named Martin MacDonald at his home in Pittsford, a suburb of Rochester, the incident report said.

When a deputy visited MacDonald’s home, he admitted he had pushed Chase to the ground, the report said.

“When [the deputy] asked him why he did that, he replied that he thought Chase was going to mug his wife and take her purse,” the incident report said. “MacDonald’s wife was sitting in the front passenger seat at the time of the [incident]. When [the deputy] asked him why he thought that, MacDonald told him that some youths had broke into his car recently and that crossed his mind. MacDonald went on to say that Chase wasn’t responding to him telling him to move out of the road.”

Coleman said the Rochester police relayed MacDonald’s explanation to her — noting that it had been black youths who had allegedly broken into MacDonald’s car — and she was aghast that this could be used to justify an attack on Chase.

Clearly this is a new scary thing in black urban gang violence: sending out thugs with numbered racing bibs to conduct random assaults on Whitey.  No wonder the poor dear was scared for his woman. /sarcasm

The story continued, as you would expect it would, but maybe not with all the details you'd fill in:

On Oct. 21, Rochester City Court Judge Caroline Morrison sent a letter to the Colemans that shocked them: She had denied their warrant application, and MacDonald would not be charged for second-degree harassment.

The week after the assault, which took place on a Friday, Chase refused to go to practices and skipped running in his last meet of the season. Crestfallen, Coleman watched as her son turned his running uniform in to his coach, who gently encouraged him to change his mind. Chase refused.

This judge has taken more than a rasher of shit for enabling such White Lives Matter conduct, but here's where I break the fourth wall of the piece: I appear regularly before this judge. She's African-American, so the narrative breaks down a little. (She's also very thorough with everything I ever put before her.)

And, now that the local media gotten into the act, we know that it ain't necessarily over for Scared Pittsford Guy:

Teresa Johnson, the administrative judge for City Court, declined to discuss the specific case.

“There might be a number of reasons why a judge will decline to sign a warrant, (such as) insufficient paperwork,” she said.

Oftentimes, the judge will state in a note to police why the information for a warrant was insufficient, Johnson said. Police can then decide whether to submit additional evidence and again seek an arrest warrant.

Responding to mounting outcry over the incident, Rochester police on Monday ramped up an investigation into the matter and collected depositions from Coleman and witnesses.

The story was picked up over the weekend by The Washington Post, USA Today and CBS News , none of whose reporters indicated they had attempted to reach MacDonald.

MacDonald did not return messages for comment left by the Democrat and Chronicle, and a woman who answered the phone at his home Sunday declined to comment. No one answered the door at his home on Monday.

...Coleman said Rochester police visited her Monday in Syracuse to take a deposition as to her son's diagnosis, and that police were contacting the witnesses cited in the police report. She said police explained that they were collecting depositions to bolster her case against MacDonald and that the sworn statements were missing from the paperwork police initially filed with the court.

Coleman described Chase as being autistic and that he has been specifically diagnosed "PDD-NOS," which stands for pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified. She said Chase also suffers from echolalia, which causes him to sometimes repeat people who speak to him.

Rochester police spokeswoman Investigator Jacqueline Shuman said Monday that the department was working in conjunction with the District Attorney's Office and the Coleman family to determine the next steps in the investigation.

MacDonald acknowledged to police that he shoved Chase to the ground, according to the police report.

The police report was written by Rochester Police Officer Marc Sutton, but Sutton did not interview MacDonald. A Monroe County sheriff's deputy was dispatched to visit MacDonald’s home the day of the incident and relayed his notes to Sutton.

The paper also reported that the Rochester Police Department has offered to sponsor a run in Rochester with officers and RPD recruits running with him.  It's a nice gesture, but given what's happened and his state of mind, who knows if he will appreciate it, much less do it.

Seeing the attacker in a nice 5K perp walk sounds more like my idea of a good outcome.

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tilia_tomentosa From: tilia_tomentosa Date: November 3rd, 2016 12:52 am (UTC) (Link)
Wow, your new doctor is so thorough!

That "local" story is disgusting! :(

What exactly is a "5K perp walk"?
captainsblog From: captainsblog Date: November 3rd, 2016 12:56 am (UTC) (Link)
Perp walk: a common custom of American law enforcement, the practice of taking an arrested suspect through a public place at some point after the arrest, creating an opportunity for the media to take photographs and video of the event. The defendant is typically handcuffed or otherwise restrained, and is sometimes dressed in prison garb. Within the United States the perp walk is most closely associated with New York City. Originally only those accused of violent street crimes were subjected to it, but since Rudolph Giuliani had accused white-collar criminals perp-walked in the 1980s, it has been extended to almost every defendant.

Personally, I'd love to see Drumpf subjected to such after he loses and after the rape allegations against him finally come to light.
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