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The End-of-Day Post While Biting My Nails Down to My Knuckles - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
The End-of-Day Post While Biting My Nails Down to My Knuckles
My final tallies:

-Over 210 miles on the odometer (many of them on detours for lunch and petrol before heading home, then getting lost after Siri tried to send me the wrong way down a one-way street to get back to the 90).

-Ten hours from arrival in to departure from the precinct.

-282 voters passed through Precinct 5, District 6 on my watch.

-Five very nice poll workers, the head Judge among them always being very nice and even graced me with the bling that my own Erie County Board of Elections refuses to pass out:

-Zero loonies.

Still untallied is the final total- from District 6, from the whole state (believed to be razor-thin), from all of the battlegrounds. Nate Silver's been sticking with Hillary's 73 percent chance overall and 79 percent chance in PA (New York's already in the bag), but there's lots of nervousness.

But, ya know? For those ten hours, I was the quintessential Anti-Drumpf. I had nothing else to do but to be nice to people, and I was: I held open doors, assisted people in wheelchairs, directed them to the right door, let one palm-card passer use my charger, disabused at least one of any fear about not having the "right" ID, thanked the poll workers for putting up with me at the end.

I left my post twice early, and for good about 90 minutes before closing, when it was clear that District 6 was not going to go Hunger Games on me after the dinner-hour rush.  First was for lunch- where else, at the nearest Wegmans.  Comfort food and comfort surroundings, with one notable exception: Pennsylvania lets Danny sell wine, and boy does he:

Not looking to take a bottle home? The mavens of the multi-mixture Coke machine have you fixed up, too:

There was one omnious sign as I headed out on this frolic today:

All the same, I feel fine.

Resultus interruptus: this gives me some relief- while the 538 site is still hedging on the winner, there's this sign of personal success from my day, however minor:

The geographic divide in Pennsylvania is stunning. Outside of the eastern part of the state, Clinton is winning only two counties: Allegheny (Pittsburgh) and Erie. That said, there are a ton of votes in the southeastern part of the state. Still, the current Clinton lead of 12 percentage points will come down considerably.

Erie, city and county, is where I toiled today- and there were plenty of Drumpf signs to be seen, but not many obvious voters for him at our little school.


As the temperature dropped and the rain came down (not on me, but filling a gutter that drip-drip-dripped near me annoying the crap out of me), I made the call to exit roughly ten hours after I arrived. I thanked Judge Ann and her compatriots, secured my voter sticker, got stupid lost (but found the theater we'll be at tomorrow night) and finally got back on the 90 in time to roll in just before our own polls closed.  I missed hitting a deer around Fredonia by maybe 100 feet, making the decision to stay there tomorrow night a wiser one than ever.  We both remain sick with these coughs, but hopefully our spirits will soar by morning.
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