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Death by a thousand paper cuts.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Death by a thousand paper cuts....
Nothing really horrible has happened today. Yet.

On the other hand, not a single thing has yet to go completely right, and the day has been full of near-misses, delays, delusions and one particular fustercluck of bureaucracy.

I'll save that last one for last- in part because there's still hope at the bottom of that box.

Much of this is because I'm real-estating a lot this week. More than I swore I'd ever do before. But they're relatively straightforward matters that I'm guaranteed a reasonable and prompt fee on.  In one of them, I was specifically asked to pinch-hit for the client's previous lawyer as a favor to a very good client source.  Client is asking for things not supported by the papers I've reviewed. Maybe there are others I haven't seen; we'll see.

Then I've got several games of chicken going. One kept me here late last night so I could receive documents to record so a client can refinance a house. The deliverer of such papers insisted in writing that I hold them until the refinance took place; the refinancing bank has insisted in writing that I record them before the refinance will take place. So I've sent a clarifying letter to Mr. Immovable Object, telling him that Irresistible Force Bank (member FDIC and NSF) needs the recording if he wants to get paid in a week or so.  In another, a bank absolutely positively won't even schedule a closing until an appraiser does a final check on Monday of next week, but the seller absolutely positively won't close on any day other than Tuesday of next week.  You can't take Tuesday from Monday, Monday is less than Tuesday, so you look for the four in the tens place. Or something.

Now I'm remembering why I swore not to do this shit anymore.

Ah, but then there's the best, which is to say the worst.  In which the best-laid plans get done in by the post office.


Stick to bankruptcies, Ray, the voices in my head cry. You know how THAT works.

Yeah, you'd think.

In August, I got word that a case from 2003 was finally resolving itself. Yay!  And that my client and I would both receive a nice payment for having waited this long.  Yayer! These papers came to me, as most federal-courty things do, by email, but they showed an address for mailing of the actual payment that which I'd used when I filed the client's papers in the Days of Yore- one that was two address changes ago for me.  Unlike the last one I just made last year (where I still regularly get mail but it gets rerouted pretty quickly and they call me if they see something looking important), this one took place over a decade ago. And I notified the people needing notifying at the court that I'd changed it- twice. My correct physical address is on the every one of my current and past cases, as well as appearing specifically on the docket of this case itself.

Still, just to be sure, I mailed the trustee sending the checks out to remind him of the change. In August. Wheels turned, and eventually the case came on for final approval of all matters in late October.  I wouldn't have made a special trip to this remote courthouse just for that, but I was there for another case, and I appeared before the judge and noted my new address on the record.  Even handed the trustee another copy of my card in the judge's presence.

Usually, the checks go out very quickly after that approval.  As of two weeks ago, when I didn't get anything, I called. Turns out their practice is to wait; in an abundance of caution, they make sure nobody appeals the distribution order (which I might have seen happen once in literally dozens of cases in the 30-plus years I've been at this).  Whatever. I advanced the file until this past week. Still nothing.

Yesterday, I found out that the trustee hadn't been in to sign the checks; he'd do that today. But, they said, he needed to talk to me about it.  About what, I wondered.  When we finally spoke, he'd apparently checked with his boss (not the judge, who's on a different food chain from all of us), who said he had to send the check to the address on the original claim. Worse, he'd already sent it to the original, wrong, address. Before even telling me.

This isn't an issue of competing lawyers' claims to the check. The firm I was with at the time of that filing no longer exists. The office we used to be in consists entirely of a brokerage firm.  There is virtually no chance they will know to call me, or anyone else formerly associated with that long-deceased operation, if the post office even attempts to deliver it there.

Thanks, Obama!

But,.... Remember that hope in the box? That came within an hour- when the trustee called back. His assistant was apparently unsure if he meant to send a check on purpose to a plainly wrong address, so she brought it back to him. We are now awaiting word from on high as to whether his boss is really going to make him send something to the wrong place despite multiple efforts to ensure it is sent to the right one.

No word yet. I was promised an answer by the end of the day- by the guy who didn't give a second thought to misdirecting the thing in the first place.

Maybe I should swear off this business instead. At least with real estate, houses don't fucking move.
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yesididit2 From: yesididit2 Date: November 23rd, 2016 10:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
thats quite the clusterfuck!
captainsblog From: captainsblog Date: November 24th, 2016 01:15 am (UTC) (Link)
Got it straightened out today. No thanks to anybody other than me cracking the whip on it.
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