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Thankful Thursday, one day early.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Thankful Thursday, one day early....
It's been a pretty frantic but productive 18 hours or so since I last put words onto this page.  Wrapping up some of the ends left loose previously:

* The check is in the mail. To the right address.  This was not without some final mucking about- as the two parties on the "other side" (both of whom I'd called and/or emailed) talked again and worked out a simple solution to how to approve them mailing a check to me at a correct address rather than a plainly incorrect one, but nobody bothered to tell me what that was. Until I called one of them again this morning, that is. Then, it took less than five minutes to do, it's done, and it's resolved.

* I got one of my other weird deals of the day from yesterday wrapped up first thing this morning, and between that and a bizarre trip to Night Court at the end of the day, I am about to bill more for the past 18 hours than I have in most of the past two weeks.

* Ah, Night Court, or as Eleanor remembered it for, smoke 'em if you gottem....

I don't do many traffic court appearances, and always tell the client that I will get them the exact same plea deal they'd have gotten themselves, but since most courts take the attorneys first, I will get it for them a lot faster.  This one came in last-minute, and was in a court I know to have ridiculous security lines for their 5:30 p.m. cattle calls. So I told the guy to be there by 5- which he was, and I was. Unfortunately, the prosecutor didn't get there until right at 5:30, so just before that, they sent out one of the deputies to essentially warm up the room like a standup comic before a game show.

He was hilarious. One of the older guys still on the court payroll (the larger and burlier ones having had their senses of humor surgically removed a a secret undisclosed TSA location), he cracked wise about how they've been there all day and he knew we had been working, or at school, or ::shrugs:: whatever all day and if we all did like he said we'd all get out sooner.  Stand here for this, over there for that. I know, rules rules rules. 

I will now forever think of him as Shecky.

Anyway: my guy was the first one up and the first one out, and since there were two things resolved as a part of it, it was a productive evening for moi.

* Eleanor works tomorrow morning. I will also be up around the same time, joining some friends for my fourth Turkey Trot in five years.  It will be more of a walk than a run, but half the fun of the thing is the people-watching, anyway.

* Everybody east and south of here sounds like they're dug out of the snow they got and we didn't- and none is in our forecast anytime soon.

Right. Back to it.
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