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A Minimal Kinda Post for a Minimal Kinda Day - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A Minimal Kinda Post for a Minimal Kinda Day
Black Friday, my ass.  I spent under 30 minutes in all forms of retail today: maybe 10 each in Wegmans and Timmy's, five apiece at a gas station and a bank (after going in to get mail, including The Check and several others that arrived because today is not a postal holiday). 

None of these places was especially busy- although the bank took longer than it should have when the drive-thru customer ahead of me decided to pick an extended fight with the teller over some perceived slight. TAKE IT INSIDE, YO.

Then, while Eleanor finished her roughly normal Friday work schedule, I spent the afternoon watching a cheesy action movie I'd never seen full through, clearing more leaves out to the curb, and taking the obligatory Thanksgiving-weekend nap.  I'd worried when I first awoke  this morning that my illness had come full circle and I was going to be down with a sore throat and cold again, but I suspect that was just from talking more than usual (in general and outside) yesterday. Nothing has blossomed from it yet, and the cough has been better than it's been in quite some time. Not working all day, or being stressed for most of it, suggest there's an emotional component to the thing.

When Eleanor got home, dinner was courtesy of a Chinese place in the plaza next to her store- too-cleverly named "Wok and Roll"- but the food is very good, the veggies fresh and not boiled in oil, and the combinations interesting. With it, we finished re-watching Princess Mononoke, a 90s film by Japanese anime legend Hayao Miyazaki. Our DVD crapped out with 15 minutes to go, but I found a streaming replacement for it online and we more-or-less got how it ended.

Back to normal (or what passes for it here) starting tomorrow.
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