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Losing and Finding.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Losing and Finding....

Karma's a funny little imp.  When you're doing well, it pokes at you, but when things seem to be heading straight for the shitter, it brings you right back up out of it.

Last night/this morning, for instance.

Our Thanksgiving was nice, all in all, and we sent the kids off yesterday morning with some good ideas about some things they need or want to accomplish. I basically vegged for a whole day, and when Eleanor got home, we relaxed, laid in Chinese for dinner, and finished watching Princess Mononoke, a late 90s anime by a beloved Japanese director of such.

Well, sort-of finished- which is where the imp made its first appearance.


Near the climactic closing scenes of the film, the DVD crapped out; it had hiccuped a few times before that, but this time was complete hang-up. I switched to an alternate player, which wouldn't even read the disk; then, I sought out and found an online version of it, connected the tv screen to the VGA port on this computer, and went to plug in the RCA-jack connector into the headphone port so we could hear the final 15 minutes through our speakers.

No connector.  It usually resides next to the CD/tuner/sound input control next to the television, but in 10 good minutes of searching around and behind things with flashlight in hand, I could not find it.  Nor could I get the bluetooth on this computer to play it through the separate speaker we have for that. So we watched those final moments with what little sound we could actually hear through the PC's tiny speaker (i.e., hardly any of the unsubtitled dialogue).  It was still beautiful to watch, and we headed off to sleep soon after- but not without a second shot of imp:

My mouth guard was missing. 


I've worn one for several years to stop the grinding and occasional breakage of teeth that comes to me during the night; my dentist could custom-make one, but he suggested I first try an over-the-line-of-scrimmage one from the football player section at Dick's Sporting Goods, and several iterations of it have worked fine. A few, however, have met their demise from me spitting them out overnight and the dog getting a hold of them. Blue poop for days.

That was my biggest concern; they run a mere 20 bucks new, and take only about 20 minutes to boil-and-cool to set them to your teeth, but the dog had been off her feed the day before and I began to worry that she'd swallowed the thing and we'd be finding blue poop any time now.

Again with the flashlight and the looking in nooks and crannies, again no success. By now, Eleanor was bed-destined for sure, and I gave up trying. During these coughing jags of recent weeks, I've been leaving it out most nights anyway, since it aggravates whatever gag reflex is causing the coughs.  Within minutes, I was asleep, until I wasn't about three hours later:

The Idiots Next Door had returned.


They woke Eleanor first: Mrs. I yapping at top volume on her cell phone while she splooshed around in their hot tub with the heater and whirlpool motor running full blast.  It got Eleanor to go out and let them know they'd awakened her and were keeping her awake.  Not surprisingly, Mr. I didn't give a shit. Words were exchanged. By the time I got out there, he was going full High School Bully on both of us. I'm not going to dignify any of it with requoting other than these two: that they had voted for Trump and so, poor us; and that his lawyer was "seventeen times better" than I was.

Heh. I'm still friends with his lawyer; he's more of a Trump-hater than even we are, and that takes doing.

In time- and a short time objectively, though it seemed an eternity at the time- we were both back in our houses. Eleanor was writing feverishly about the whole thing, and I found nothing I could say or do that would help her, so I just resolved to fix what the imp had broken.  First, I found the mouth guard, somehow kicked to the foot of the bed and remarkably still in good shape.  Once I hosed the dog hair off it, I felt I was on a roll, and headed back to the living room, and in under a minute found the cord to connect the computer to the sound system. It had fallen into a recessed shelf from where our doorbell chimes hang from the wall, inches from where the cord usually hangs out. Just ever so slightly out of sight, in a place not exactly where'd you expect it.

And with that, I re-cued the stream of the movie, plugged in monitor and sound, and at 12:30 in the morning we watched AND heard those final 15 minutes of Princess Mononoke. Which portray a scene of hate and devestation, but one which quickly turns into one of greenery, of good triumphing over evil, of reconciliation, and of peace.

I'm not saying we'll ever get there with those two next door; I'd bet heavily against it, in fact.  But it still let us end the day with remembering that those qualities will always endure, and overcome, no matter how close or how bad idiocy may seem to be.


Now I'm off to find another copy of the movie.

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bill_sheehan From: bill_sheehan Date: November 26th, 2016 07:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm sorry to hear your unneighborly neighbors manage to be annoying even in the winter time.
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