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Rescuing a Day That Lived in Infamy- Twice Over:-) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Rescuing a Day That Lived in Infamy- Twice Over:-)
December 7th, 1941. Bad.

December 7th, 1986. Much better. It capped a weekend trip to Noo Yawk where we saw a show, attended the wedding of friends (who, oddly enough, celebrated their 30th anniversary the other day), and then followed my late sister's advice to spend a quiet Sunday morning out on a near-deserted Jones Beach where I asked my beloved to marry me.

And so on December 7th, 2016, we relived that moment- only here, and indoors. At one of our favorite local restaurants, where we said yes all over again.

The day began, though, with the two of us furthering plans to help the other two of us: Emily and Cameron need a second car. Simple as that.  So the bare bones of The Plan was to look into a new Smart car- either leasing one for them, or buying one for me that would then free up my current car for them.

The numbers shook out quickly: leasing would be more than I expected, owning quite a bit less than I expected and only about $20 a month more than the lease payments would be.  The best option was a base 2016 model they had on display at the nearby Mostly Dead Mall; they'd recall it so I could test-drive it today.

Wot I did:

There it is, at a pause back at my office after I took it out for its 17th through 30th miles.  For stripped-down, it's pretty loaded: Bluetooth; cruise; compared to the electric, more room forward-and-back as well as up-and-down for feet and head.

Tomorrow is Paperwork Day to seal the deal. It beats being what tomorrow was supposed to be, which was Drive Into a Fecking Blizzard Day; court was to be 90 minutes south of here where snow is piling up at record rates. We have nearly none around here; the judge, who's also from around here, doesn't want to drive into it, either, so tomorrow's been postponed until January 20th....

a day that really will live in infamy.

So once that's done, we assemble a parade.  Cameron's mother has some furniture to send out to the kids. I will rent, or otherwise secure, a vehicle big enough to deliver it to them. They will come out here in their one car to help load up said vehicle- and and they will then drive home in two cars- theirs, and my current one.  I will drive the truck there and back. Then, this Not Yet Named Car will be my home between homes for the next several years.  I haven't driven off a lot in a new car that was my principal vehicle in over 22 years.  This one will be, by far, the coolest and cutest.

I was a little concerned that having matching his-and-hers Smart cars might be a little two twee- but cmon. We had neighbors for years who had matching Jeep SUVS. We don't need back seats or major towing capacity. I just need range to Rochester- and this car's gas engine was beating my hybrid's mileage out and back on Main and Sheridan.

It's all good for us. For our beloved kids, it will make things even better:)
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warriorsavant From: warriorsavant Date: December 11th, 2016 07:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
Happy 30th (well, anniversary of proposing). Glad you got the same answer this time. It's an inspiration to us all.
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