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Sale. Sold. Snowld. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Sale. Sold. Snowld.
 A fairly full Wednesday, as they go.

Met a client at 9 to obtain certified funds for a foreclosure sale at 10:30. They've been moved- from the Stately Courthouse Steps to the Chilly But Less Dangerous Ground-Level Area a block or so away:

Ernie, a former boss-ish of mine and a genuinely nice guy, is second from the right here; to his left, the agent for the foreclosure plaintiff who stopped bidding long after I did.   This venue is much less impressive, and a lot less warmer, than the "courthouse steps" around the corner where these sales used to be conducted. No matter: my guy was the high bidder and will realize 15-20K of funds, only to owe 20-something of post-foreclosure taxes.

All of which would've been cooler if my client hadn't found out, after his bid, that (likely) the prior owner had removed the water heater and attempted to strip copper pipe from his former residence. This is why we can't have nice things, asshole.  See ya on the insurance claim or the balance due on the note::P


All of that occurred in Rochester this morning when it was mostly sunny and completely un-snowy.  That changed within an hour of my getting back on the road to get home. Before I got to the halfway-ish exit at Batavia, the promised lake-effect snow had begun. I bailed on the interstate at the next exit, to give me more options in case of highway shutdown (as many were by this point). An hour and change later, more than half of it from Eleanor's Wegmans to our driveway, I was finally safe and warm inside our home. We watched most of the For the Love of Spock documentary recommended by our dog Parp! buddy Dave- but now its time for rest after a long day.

Which, I'm sure he'd say, is logical.
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