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Missed another blizzard by THAT MUCH! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Missed another blizzard by THAT MUCH!

Beethoven's birthday. Sing, sing a song of joy for we have a new Smarrrt Carrrrr:)

My whole day revolved around the ve-hickles.  I was out the door semi-stupid-early to get Kermit, our very green (in grey disguise) Honda hybrid, to the dealer to finally replace his killer airbags before I hand off the car to the kids.  First, though, I loaded up a ton of work to do while I waited, and, figuring it would go well past noon, I first dropped off my gym clothes to the studio a mile-ish up the road so I wouldn't have to shlep a bag of stinky shorts and sneakers up Transit Road in the freezing cold.

I checked in the car, found an electrical outlet, began working on a project for a client- and, before I hit paragraph six, was told, "yer done."  They even figured out why my tire gauge had gone off during the day yesterday. No cost, in and out in under an hour.

Shit- had to go back to the office. I finalized my closing from yesterday and turned right round and headed back to Transit for the noon workout, then had time for an indulgent lunch at a Rochester institution in the eastern burbs of Buffalo: Bill Grays.  It's a legendary burger joint which owns the trademark on The World's Greatest Cheeseburger- and it is.  It's also across Main Street from the Smart dealership. So it was perfect to kill the half hour before my signing-and-driving appointment.

There was a sign for a special- it offered said WGC, fries and a beer for ten bucks.  I ordered- and was asked which of five craft brews I'd prefer.  Huh? In my memory in BillGrayLand, "beer" meant "root beer," served in a frosty mug.  I stuck with that, because hey, NEW CAR across the street and I wasn't gonna risk a DWI on a snowy afternoon.

JARVIS was waiting for me. Oddly enough, his tire pressure gauge was also going off; they cleared it.  They also put on his plates.  We'd messed with the idea of getting matching vanity plates for our now dual stable of Smart cars:

They'd make perfect sense in our garage but would confound drivers any time we were apart. (Plus, if we ever parked in reverse, it would come out as OUT THAT SORRY AB, which pretty much describes any time I go to a workout:P)  I showed that photo both our salesperson and the closing concierge (yes, it's connected to the Mercedes dealership next door) and they both thought the pair was awesome.  Not awesome enough to add $100 a year to our registrations, though.  No, I'll go with what the state assigned me:



They opened the bay doors and I headed back to my office and then, eventually, home. He's wonderful. He's cute.  He's the first cool car I've ever owned. (Okay, I did have a Mustang in law school, but that was basically an exploding Pinto with a Mustang grille slapped on it.)  My first new car, almost 32 years ago, was a K Car (a nice Reliant automobile) which stalled out a block out of the dealership on a frigid January day in Rochester.

This was a frigid December day in Buffalo. JARVIS made it to office, liquor store, Chinese restaurant and home with no problems. He's perfect- and the hybrid (which we will reclaim tomorrow) will be perfect for the kids.

Don't tell me otherwise. I asked you not to tell me that!

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