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It was the best of snows, it was the worst of snows.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
It was the best of snows, it was the worst of snows....
We both had long days yesterday, and decided not to end it reclaiming Kermit, soon to be Emily's car, from the Smart dealership where I'd left it. We stayed in after I left work and picked up Chinese, we continued our documentary series by watching one about Annie Leibovitz, and I got a decent night's sleep other than Ebony finding three deer in the back yard to chase (and miss) at about 4:15 in the morning.  We therefore made our retrieval run a bit past 9 this morning, my first try backing JARVIS out of the driveway.

That went well:P

Eleanor, the far more experienced Smart pilot, knew the drill that I now know for getting out on a snowy day, especially where the town plow has re-dumped a half foot of heavy mush across the apron:

(1) Back out just far enough to see if the coast is clear;
(2) Once it is, gun it in reverse;
(3) Do not slow down at the end of the driveway.

Naturally, the n00b did neither of the first two and did do the third, and we wound up stuck.  Shoveling didn't help; cardboard under the rear wheels, neither. Bless him, though, our plow guy made a return appearance just then, helped push the car out, and said if either Smart got stuck to call him (he lives just around the corner), since he needs to know when the town has messed up his work anyway and he'll do us first.

Last year, I think they came four times all winter.  This is the kindness that makes up for that.


Once we reclaimed the extra car (which did not get stuck backing out), we then split up, with Eleanor taking JARVIS on errands while I gassed up the hybrid and got home first.  I set out to do the shoveling of everything but the driveway which needs doing: in front of our garage man door, the path to the front steps and the steps themselves, and finally the sidewalk.  Everything up to the sidewalk was pretty light and fluffy, but the sidewalk snow's been stomped down by pedestrians plus has added weight from the residue of the town plows.  I got about halfway across when I heard the roar next door.

I'll let the texts with Eleanor take it from here:

By the time she got home, he'd cleared the sidewalk well past the lot line and right up to where I'd stopped. I'm sure it's some kind of passive-aggressive shit going on about not letting his "geriatric" neighbor outbigly him in the snow clearing department.

Now I'm off to work on our other neighbor's shoveling.  As in our deceased one- who until her final real winter would've been out there, morning noon and night no matter the temperature, hand-shoveling her driveway beyond what the plow did (once she finally relented to letting them do that) down to the asphalt, AND every inch of sidewalk round her corner lot.  We'll see if Idiots "R" Us sends someone to help.

ETA. Well then.

After lunch, and originally posting this, I resumed shoveling next door. Did her path and front steps and got almost clear around the corner lot- but then I saw the adjacent neighbor's driveway looming with the extra-high snowpile from HER plow in my way. I decided to take a break.  When I headed back out an hour or so later, it had been cleared.  Not by the snowblowhard on the other side of us- I never heard THAT monster fire up again- but by someone, who must've seen the effort I'd made and decided to randomly act kind to finish it off.

I guess around here, we don't pay it forward. It's more like sideways:)
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