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My week, and welcome to it.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
My week, and welcome to it....
(Written at 8ish last night; posted at dog-outing time this morning because LJ was misbehaving.)

Other than one scheduled court appearance today, the calendar said it was a pretty light week.


That one appearance involved a client trying to shut down a former franchisee who, after months of patience and settlement opportunities, finally got the client to terminate his franchise. Within a week, a relative of his had begun a competing pizza business at the same location.  That led to papers last month to enforce non-competition provisions, which finally got scheduled for hearing this week.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or split level), another client called after buying a house out of a foreclosure. The former owner had apparently been breaking back in, wrecking things and stealing the hot tub from the yard (damn, wish he'd been the former owner of the house next to ours:P). So we needed to finalize the closing of the foreclosure transfer back to him- where he's paying X dollars, getting Y dollars back as surplus, and then has to pay Z dollars to clear post-foreclosure taxes. We agreed to do this deal today, as well.

But first, a poem. Wot I wrote while waiting for some of these developments to develop on Tuesday:

'Twas five days before Xmas, and all Hell did break loose,
The clients' demands choking me like a noose,
The client who hadn't been in yet still needs a

Court order to stop a guy from selling pizza,
And meanwhile the guy who was foreclosed last Wednesday
Is breaking back into his house- so let's call Ray!
And nobody else will do jack shit on time
But at least only one ass committed a crime!
And you'll hear me exclaim, with my week on the brink:
"Merry Christmas to all- Jesus, I need a drink!"

Yesterday, I got that last wish: four different Buffalo co-workers (most of whom had gotten the goofy candles from me) gifted me bottles of the grape: two bottles of white, a bottle of red, perhaps a bottle of champagne instead:)  We also had our food-coma office lunch, and not much happened after that, but today, the pizza and the felon came home to roost.


Court was still on- the penultimate day before the state courts take a two-week break.  It went better than I expected, without a firm result but with good indications from the bench that Hizzoner understood our position.

Then I worked in a set of estate planning documents for a nice young couple, because their legal-plan benefits are "use it or lose it" before next week and I hate when that happens.

Finally, we closed on the breaker-inner's house- and I figured out that I could deliver the deed and other documents to the title company's office which I pass twice a week, a block from where we closed.  Except they weren't there. No, they'd moved to a funky industrial district five blocks away, much closer to the home of the original garbage plate. I could've just driven there- but no-o-o-o; I had another errand to run.

I follow an author blog, where the recent topic was recommending Christmas movies. I immediately commented with Comfort and Joy, a Bill Forsyth gem about love, commitment and ice cream wars- only to find that a previous commenter had already recommended it.

Worse, he'd been stymied in finding the film. As I'd been, a year or two ago- but I had overcome. So I had a copy of the film in a Priority Mail envelope awaiting postage- and there was a Post Office in the way to the Cascade District.

I posted it, then headed toward the smell of hot sauce- and got horribly lost. The problem with loft buildings is they all look alike.  Finally, with a second panicked call, I found their lofty, spacious new offices and dropped off my insure-and-record order- and did not find a ticket waiting for me on Kermit when  I got back to the post office.

And then, the day after the year's shortest day ended: like this-


After that, we set up tomorrow's plans: I pick up a U-Haul around 9, bring it to Cameron's mom to load up furniture for the kids, deliver it to them by noon and return the truck to near a nearby mall. They then drive me back to the local U-Haul place to pick up my her car, and Emily drives me and her home in him so she'll get the feel of the car and its quirks (such as the don't-worry-about-it coolant light and the green button which, unlike Groot's red button, is always "on").

And then it will be Christmas (Eve), and what have you done? Quite a bit of good, actually.
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liddle_oldman From: liddle_oldman Date: December 24th, 2016 10:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
In the 1950s,my dad worked as a purchasing agent. he pretty much got all the liquor for the coming year this week...
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