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Truck this. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Truck this.
The kids are home:)

This day was totally theirs, from virtually five minutes after 9 when I made a needed bank deposit for work until we rolled in a bit past 4 in their (now plural) cars.

I didn't hear until last night when I would be able to pick up the furniture to be delivered to them, and by that time, U-Haul had lost my "cart" info for the one-way journey.  It scared the shit out of me saying a one-day rental would be over 500 bucks. By the time we worked in the real charge, mileage, the "nice truck you got dere, be a shame if sumthin happened ta it" insurance and the tax,  it was a hair below a buck forty.  Plus tolls, double those for a car. Plus gas, almost 20 bucks for a 100 mile trip.

Then there was the driving.  They've improved the mirrors and the cockpit since my first-ever rental truck run in '86 where my wingman later reported I was setting off sparks all along Route 17, but I still get nervous.  Especially when Cameron's stepdad insisted on backing it right up to the garage where the furniture was waiting.  I let him do it; it was his fence and awning over the side door to miss (and he did miss them).  One sofa, one love seat, one wingback chair.  Off to the 90.

Just getting to the Williamsville tolls was an adventure.  At Main and Eggert, a humongous steel beam OVERSIZE LOAD came at me the other way, with the usual private escort vehicles plus Christmas-tree-lit NYS troopers requiring me to pull over.  Then I got behind an idiot turning left into the Eggertsville library (on a stretch of Main Street with no suicide lane) who would. Not. TURN even though there was nothing coming the other way.  I was an annoying trucker for a moment and honked the shit out of them.

Once on the 90 proper, after remembering, yes you have no EZ-Pass, take a damn ticket, it was mostly fine.  I listened to my usual music through the phone, including to what is, for at least the moment, my favorite Christmas carol:

I got to their apartment a little ahead of schedule; Cameron and I (which is to say "mostly Cameron") hauled their old sofa down and the two big pieces up; I managed the wingback myself ::beats chest::. We then had to return the truck by driving right past a dropoff location two miles from their place (because the cost of dropping it off there would've been almost double) and to the nearby Mall Heaven that is Victor, New York.

Then our neighbor took us to lunch.


It wasn't planned that way, I'm sure, but I knew it was the right thing to do. When Betty's niece came over the other night to thank us for our help with the transition and gifted us a yummy jar of biscotti, she also left a card. Only this morning did I realize it held a $100 bill.

The tab at Chili's was just under $70. All but ten short of the $100 went to the tip. My third food coma in five days.

Emily drove home- first in their car and then, once we returned to my point and place of U-beginning, in the Honda that is now hers. It's never been clearer that the accident three years ago really traumatized her; any unusual or aggressive driving around her causes her to at least comment, tense up and look miserable.  She has a first meeting with a doctor next week who hopefully can help with that. I have to count myself as lucky; my first and worst car accident occurred when I was younger than her, in a much less safe car, in which I was concussed (but which wasn't as much of a medical concern back then), and yet it never gave me the PTSD that she plainly has.  I hope that offers hope that, at least in terms of the cerebral DNA, it is possible she'll get through this.

So we have random plans for the next couple of days for filmage, visiting, going to the Parp! with the dog, and them doing all their laundry here.  At least the heavy lifting is over.
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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: December 24th, 2016 08:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
yay for getting so much accomplished!

i remember a couple driving trips as a teenager where things happened that scared me silly and i came home and swore i was NEVER DRIVING AGAIN! but then eventually my friends would want to hang out and i'd succumb to peer pressure and drive again. perhaps we are more resilient when we're younger? because i remember the accident about 5-6 years ago when the old lady ran a red light and totaled my car FAR clearer than any of the accidents/near misses from when i was younger.

hope emily finds some relief with the new doctor/therapy. it sucks when your anxiety and PTSD control you.
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