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One Seminar, One Superhero. Well, two. Sort of. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
One Seminar, One Superhero. Well, two. Sort of.
Some "day off."

It wasn't, for Eleanor. Both of my offices were closed, and I'd made very clear to clients I would not be working-working either Friday or today. All I planned was a noon workout (evil) and to finally sit and write an outline for a seminar I'm doing in February.

Usually, I just cut and paste from previous ones I've done for them. But this one really tried to "jiggle the handle" on the designated topics, and my outlines for two separate hours of speaking time wound up taking me about six hours to organize, cite to and write. (That's actually right for how the Bar gives you credit- triple the time for each hour you "prepare," although you don't get the extra hour of credit for standing there for each of them when you present.) Between that, the workout and Wegmans run and, yes, a geezer nap, it was pretty much a 9-to-5 day.

Then I headed to the kids (I have to be in Rochester tomorrow), laptop at the ready to share last night's Doctor Who Christmas special.

This one was about as one-off as you can get. Relatively little of the decidedly Christmassy content of some recent ones; no Nick Frost Santa-ing about or Christmas crackers with the Ponds. Rather, the Doctor managed to pull off in 61 minutes what no force- human, superhuman or alien- has managed to do in my recorded memory....

Make fun of both DC and Marvel.

I'm amazed they got the clearances from both, to make such literal and visual references to so much of the MCU and its Warner-run counterpart.  IMDB has yet to note one of the earliest of Moff's script puns that I instantly caught- offscreen characters “Miss Shuster or Miss Siegel," homaging Supe's creators. (Even Emily didn't remember that.)

The Ghost is an amalgam of so much and so many- even Mark Hamill's snarky turn as Cock Knocker in Jay and Silent Bob came to mind- and managed to spoof so many tropes in so little time.

Twelve was his absolutely silliest self, and Nardole made for the perfect Designated Companion (DC- heh) pending the next one's arrival (she looked awesome in the Coming Soons).

Sim, clearly, will be beck. I did wonder what took the Doctor so damn long to get UNIT on the scene.

And the sads at the end? Sadder, because it's been so long, I didn't remember who was giving them to him. Probably because BBC America showed "Hell Bent" rather than "Husbands of River Song" right before this year's Christmas airing, which is far more Clara-centric.

And now we only have to wait until April. Probably of this year.
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thanatos_kalos From: thanatos_kalos Date: December 28th, 2016 04:59 am (UTC) (Link)
Given the number of Whoniverse vets in both the DC & Marvel Universes (Barrowman & Darvill in DC, Eccleston, Tennant, Gillan &-- albeit briefly-- Coleman in the MCU) it's not terribly surprising that they'd link brands again in this way. ;) Marvel TV have linked to DW as well, on occasion. :)

But it was a thankfully good Xmas special. :)
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