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Faith. Restored. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Faith. Restored.
Not my Methodism- not by a long shot. Just faith in Things, generally.

I was home most of the morning while one of a client's electricians installed a new outlet in the living room to replace an extension cord I'd tripped over dozens of times, then headed downtown for an overdue dose of Dino.

That's the barbecue chain's Buffalo home- restoring, as they usually do, a classic old building. Here, "Universal-Inter" is what's left of the Universal International logo; the building had been a film vault in the days when "Shea's" was a chain of multiple theaters and each carried a feature, newsreels, cartoons and shorts.  Now, it serves craft brews and pulled pork to perfection.

I mentioned to the guys what I was heading to do after that: a client had a judgment taken against her, which was proving tricky to get information on. The attorney who took it has been disbarred; the successor attorney (supposedly) had nobody answering his phones; and the creditor itself showed no online presence to speak of. So I told them I wanted to check if Bad Attorney had screwed up in filing this thing.  One mentioned that a relative of his had gotten a cash settlement on account of one of BA's skeevy filings, and that many had been ordered removed on a mass basis.

That sounded promising, so I pulled JARVIS into a way-too-small-for-anyone-else spot outside City Court and went to review the papers.  Bad news: closed files from 2010 are in the basement. Better news: the judgment was coming up on their computer as satisfied.  In full.

(The tl;dr on why that didn't show up on her real estate title: some judgments, and any dispositions concerning them, automatically show up in land records as soon as they're taken. But others, from lower or further courts, only become judgment liens on real estate if they're "transcripted" to the land recorder's office. Simple form- 6 bucks to obtain, 10 to file. )

Whoever, or whatever, had satisfied this one in the lower court never took the necessary step to take that evidence "across the street" to where the land records are, so for a mere six pictures of George, I would solve my client's problem!

I had five. 

My pay draw's Friday, and between taking Emily to breakfast yesterday and buying a beer at the Dino (mainly for the two extra quarters to save myself a beaucoup parking ticket), five was all I had left.  No checks- I hadn't expected to be paying for anything.

The clerk, bless her, handed me a dollar. I don't know if it was from an overpayment or her own funds.  But she knew enough about BA to know that a dollar shouldn't stop my client from getting, literally, satisfaction.

Now we may be able to close as soon as tomorrow:)
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