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Highs and Lows- the past day or so.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Highs and Lows- the past day or so....

The business year that is 2016 is essentially over. A bit past 3 p.m., when my phone hadn't rung for close to an hour and the complete lack of mail was confirmed, I shut it down and headed home.  I may work on a few things tomorrow, but as of midnight tomorrow, 2017 and all its uncertainty take over.

I usually end the year with a review of sorts- and I probably will, tomorrow at some point. But the past day or so provide a nice microcosm of the good, bad and ugly that will likely be in that post:

First, the good:

- By the time I got home last night, Eleanor and Emily had mostly worked out their differences, which came to a head so scarily on Christmas Eve.  More is to follow from them, and to some lesser extent with Cameron and I contributing, but they've found their way to a good place and I am pleased to see them there.

- Because the workdays of this week have been quiet- some enforced (state courts are essentially shut down), the rest by choice- I've been able to tackle some extended projects that needed undivided attention.  One involved a Rochester client in an insurance dispute; other than the vagaries of the Post Office getting mad at me for daring to send a BigAss package of discovery documents with stamps rather than metered postage on it, I got it sent to them for good today.  Then, yesterday, I turned to another Rochester client in an insurance dispute- with a different company but the same law firm on the other side.  I'd begun drafting her papers two weeks ago today when I was having Kermit's killer airbags replaced, only to have the session interrupted because the replacement took less than an hour.  I finished the main document for the case yesterday, and sent it off for review- which produced the nicest compliment of my writing I've received in quite some time:

I think we're going to win. You could commit homicide with a pen.

- Despite some late-night interruptions (more about that to follow), the aminals let me sleep in until 6- and when I couldn't get back to sleep after that, I just stayed up, got up, cleaned up in the kitchen and got in an hour-long workout at my usual place.  I would return later for, um, a shorter one.


Next, the bad. Ish:

- About those interruptions: Ebony was more restless than usual during the night. I can recall letting her out at least twice in the wee smalls, plus she needed to go out right before feeding time.  Then I discovered why: on the living room rug was the evidence.  She'd horked a big one, but a surprisingly, shall we say?, consistent one. In fact, it was mainly fabric.  Once I got into up-up-up(chuck) mode, I investigated and realized what she'd done.  For weeks now, if we're out of the house for much of the day, she's been raiding hampers when made available to her and using our dirty socks and undies as chew toys.  We usually find the evidence in random corners.  I've been shutting the closet door that keeps her out of my unmentionables, so left with no other choice, Ebony got a hold of one of my ratty old hand towels from the CheapAss Cardio Gym™ we both belong to and, seeing it was too small to chew a piece of, she proceeded to swallow the whole damn thing.  We are very lucky that it came back out the same orifice it went in through, and apparently with no ill effect on the dog herself.

- Speaking of gyms, and this isn't bad so much as weird: four hours after I went over for a real hour-long workout, I returned.  My old office still gets mail for me way more than it should, and my best friend over there is the one who usually looks out for it (and me). She called to tell me a client had received a substantial check in today's mail.  To thank her for her effort on this occasion (and many others), I decided to go with a theme present:  we have a running joke about the time she brought a water bottle to cardio, took her first sip, and quickly found out that she'd used it as a vodka vessel the night before. The vodka part of the gift was easy: there's a new liquor store in the Wegmans building next to my workout studio. But I then walked over to pick up an Orangetheory water bottle for her.  She loved the joke, but an hour later, the joke was on me:  my car was apparently close enough for their Bluetooth to pick up my heart monitor in my gym bag- so what shows up in my email but a workout summary for the two minutes I was in there:

God help me if I ever have to run in there to use the men's room; I really don't want to hear how many "splat points" are associated with THAT:P


Finally, the ugly:

- Carrie Fisher and her mom a day apart, God? Stop it, the fuck.

- A local Republican wackadoodle, his party's 2010 candidate for Guv of this state, raised eyebrows and ire over the weekend when his published comments to a local alt-weekly basically wished death upon Barack Obama and just as bad things upon and about the First Lady.  Crazy Carl has spent the ensuing week backtracking, doubling down and fauxpologizing, but yesterday the snit hit the fan when six of his eight fellow elected members on the Buffalo City School Board (his next race after losing the Guv race in a landslide- "dog catcher" was apparently not on any intervening ballot) voted to demand his resignation.  Naturally, he's refused, and just as naturally, his apologists are playing all the usual games- Denial, You Don't Get Our Jokes, False Equivalance- to justify some of the most shameful behavior I have ever seen from anyone in this area code. It's not like his vote on the school board has any significance- he's in a 6-3 minority with only the redneck districts of the city returning him and his other two minions to office- but it just reinforces the notion of this area being hopelessly stuck in the 18th century when it comes to how to treat people.


Sometime tomorrow: my Bucket List moments from 2016, along with any number of Fuck-It moments.

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