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A quarter of a century ago, and two nights ago.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A quarter of a century ago, and two nights ago....
Emily turned 25 today.  There aren't "milestone birthday" cards for that age at your nearest Wegmans, but it's still pretty significant. By the time I was 25, I had passed the Bar (though I wouldn't know it for another month), started my first "real" job, and was finally, permanently, in the region I still call home.

My workday began early and was destined to bring me back here before the end of the business day, as I needed to assemble, execute, copy, file (in Rochester) and serve (in Buffalo) a stack of documents that took up a good chunk of my "observed" New Years Day yesterday-plus take care of some other filings in both places.  Fortunately, I had nothing else planned, so just as I was ready to leave the Rochester office, I thought about heading out to see the kid, and she sealed the deal by texting me about it just then- shortly before noon.  Did I say something previously about coming out there? Did she just assume it? Whatev.  I had just enough time, and after a Wegmans stop to pick up lunch for the two of us (she was stuck at her office) and some cards (birthday and gift), we got to spend some time in her office on her quarter-century day.  She even contributed the needed heavy-duty staples to the papers I'd spent the morning before that putting together.

By the time I made my stops to file and serve said papers (all of it in a driving rain) and got home, I was pretty exhausted.  Eleanor, likewise, by the time she got home. Dinner consisted of leftovers and Sherlock.

First spoiler: Em inadvertently told me about the biggest spoiler in the ep. I didn't mind, because for me, the biggest spoiler was our missing the fourth series premiere in the first place. Several friends posted about watching on New Years Day, but I assumed that was ass PBS affiliates like ours just getting round to the 2015 Christmas one-off.  Fortunately, the PBS website was live for us to start it last night and finish it tonight.

Because, yes, this one's a real new episode in a real new series. Mark and Moff packed an awful lot into those 90 minutes beyond "the death" (to the extent ANYONE remains dead around here anyway). We identified a few conundrums, including:

* Charlie, the ghost kid in the burning car: did his Da really see him say "Surprise!" or was that a speculative what-mighta-been flashback?

* AGRA: We got the importance of the team members keeping their sensitive data on flash drives (or memory sticks, apparently, in UKese), but is it really wise to drop them into combat zones? And even less wise to label them with the name of your Sekrit Organ-eye-zation which, you know, enemy SPIES might have heard of? (P.S. from Eleanor, who's dealt with kilns: if you're going to bury your memory stick in the base of a bust, it's likely to fall out once cooked, or at least make noise in the hollow bottom that even the sixth recipient is likely to hear.)

* Couldn't anybody stop the Bad Not Guy from shooting anybody while she was monologuing and Sherlock was egging her on?

Nitpicks, though. It's good to have the band back together. I'm getting the sads from word that these final three may be the final final three. A world without Benesher Cumberholmes would just seem, I don't know, Strange....
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