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"I'm glad we had that little talk...." - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"I'm glad we had that little talk...."
Today went much better workwise.  Maybe my post from last night got 2017 sufficiently Scared Straight.

There were three major platey things for me today: two real estate and a bankruptcy.  I plowed into the first of the first as soon as I got in, knowing full well there was an unresolved issue that might scuttle the whole damn thing- but by noon, when one of the two clients came in to sign, there was hope that it would be resolved by the end of the week.  I then got a phone call from her husband, going out of his way to thank me for how responsive and prompt I've been about the whole business in comparison to other lawyers he's hired.  That means a lot.

The second, which came in too late for me to even bitch about to AD2017 yesterday, also turned out to be okay.  There was an unresolved tax item from 2008 showing up, but some quick calls revealed it had been cleared in 2009- just nobody had bothered to make it official.  One small check and a stamp will take care of that.  The rest of it was as we expected, and I should have everything back in the client's hands tomorrow.

The bankruptcy was one of those Gotta Do It By This Afternoon So Hey! Here's This Morning! kinda deals.  Once I focused and typed, it went quickly.  Then the trustee called; he'd been out of town on other hearings, was driving back to Buffalo and was hearing (and eventually seeing) that the weather was getting shittier as he headed south.  Would we like to just put the whole thing off until Monday?

That freed up my entire afternoon, which got my business bank accounts balanced, some deposits made, and even left before Northtowns traffic got stupid due to the snow to the south.  I picked up dinner fixins (Eleanor having succumbed to a bug and come home and into bed) and watched about half of a Sense8 doing cardio before getting home at a decent hour.

Tomorrow, no fixed appointments out of the office.  The next two weeks will be bitches and bears, but for today, I'll take the relative peace and quiet:)
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