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No. Sick. Sherlock. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
No. Sick. Sherlock.
My day so far in three words:

"No." First word out of my mouth once I woke up feeling crap, resolved not to go to work much less workout, and the dog barked at the back door for the third time since 4 a.m.  I know this Stupid Pet Trick: Ebony gets one of us up usually around an hour after when she's been fed and let out before 6, then turns from the back door and marches into the kitchen where the treats are. This time, I let her hang unattended for a good 20 minutes before finally getting up around 8, more or less for good, and ferrying her straight out the back door with no treat to follow.

"Sick." Pretty self-explanatory. Some is the bug; I've tried Sudafedding it but, with three straight days of contested court and appointments to follow, I've been biggest on just trying to get rest and down liquids.  Well, that and dealing with two real estate deals, trying to settle a case on very short notice and hearing from two out-of-the-blue crazy clients between roughly midnight and just a few moments ago.

So that leaves "Sherlock." I know I've got the wrong one in the icon, but Moff and Mark are going way more holding-an-axe violent in these first two than in most of their priors.  Eleanor even bailed on "Lying Detective" after one too many Creepy Toby Jonesy scenes. Anyway: I'm trying to see how many obvious things I missed now that I know who's who, who's dead, who's not dead and how many places to set at the Holmes place for their next family dinner.

So, Eurus.

I'd heard stray chatter about "the woman on the bus" even before watching Six Thatchers, and by its end understood the texting-betrayal aspect of that, but I got none of how many different ways "E" would weave herself into the second episode.  I'd also heard the chatter about Mycroft mentioning "Sherrinford" with little additional context.  Was this a place, yet another code word, or, as speculated, the possible third Holmes sibling?  Around halfway through TLD, I called the possibility that she could be a sister by that name, but didn't connect the role with "E" or any of the other candidates we'd go on to meet in that episode.  (Random side "note" of sorts: right after John takes E's contact note and right before he (almost) throws it away, look what's on advert on the bus shelter they both just left:

I can't tell for sure that the Killer Whale exhibit is an attraction at the London Aquarium, aka where Sherlock literally jumped the shark, but it seems a strong bet.  There's also a different bus shelter at the end of his not-quite-assignation with E that has Toby Jones's character on it. Apparently London Transport will sell adverts to anyone needing to be in a clue;)

Oh, once you know who you're looking at, it all seems so much more obvious.  Not to take anything away from the acting skills of Siân Brooke or the cleverness of the makeup department, but the lilt in the voice- E's "This is me," the therapist's "Tell me about your morning," and Not Faith's "Just one word"- yeah. Her.

And nice diversion at the end of T6T- before we meet John's "new" therapist, we think we're getting a re-encounter with, or maybe a flashback to, Watson's old one, who we met all the way back in "A Study in Pink." She's also an E- Ella.  Only it's not John on the other end of that session.

Mary's last line in the episode: epithet or directions?


Moving on....

The villains (well, other villains).  Ajay gave up way too quickly; Vivian got way too far along.  Once TLD starts, Smith gives off horrid images of Murdoch and Drumpf, only with far worse teeth.  And to the extent you consider Mycroft a villain of sorts, what's "13th" mean on his fridge?

The note from Faith No More that gave the game away at the end: wait a bloody second.  Didn't Mycroft have an entire MI-Something forensics team in his dear brother's flat, combing every inch for sensitive information, and they missed THAT?  (Oh wait- they DROPPED it. Spooks- just as efficient as the po-lice:P) And meanwhile, back at the decoy: how did Unfaithful land her hands on that note in the first place?

BC's visual display of explaining the dimensions and such of Faithless's kitchen? Very Strange:)

I just hope  London-born Toby Jones doesn't get in trouble for whitewashing Welshman Jimmy Saville;)

"My little master who will find me"- has got to be something in SH's deep dark recesses. Does E know? Did E cause?  Why am I asking you?

I'm sure it's odd coincidence, but it resonated once TLD pulled the Serial Killer Reveal: the IMDB notes reveal that Toby the bloodhound in the previous episode was played by a (totally uncooperative) actor dog named Dexter.  I hope this doesn't mean Sherlock is going to end his career as a lumberjack someplace.

Moff works in a "Oh, clever boy" line. Somewhere in a diner at the end of the universe, Clara is smiling. Or maybe Me. Or me.

"How long have you been with us?" There's the Drumpf connection again, as he prepares to sack the entire civil service using a House rule going back to the era of the fucking American Civil War.

After seeing Martin Freeman in so many submissive roles- here, in Fargo, as Arthur Dent, even in the Cornetto films- it came as such catharsis to see him beat the shit out of a friend rather than an enemy, and then come more or less round after that.

Pretty sure the bleeped words (including on the PBS stream #dontmakecookiemonstersad) are "shit" followed by one "cock" after another.

Throwing Irene in at the end seemed, well, gratuitous. As if we didn't have enough to keep our brains going.

About that thing with threes: The ep could've ended with Smith's confession round 1:15. Or most satisfyingly, when John confesses to Mary and finally makes her disappear round 1:24. But then those last six- half of which are wasted on Mycroft and Lady Emily's Elementary School- but still manage to answer my question about how Marianne Unfaithful got the note, and just how much fun Christmas dinner is going to be next year. Oh Moff....

Right, there's three hours to Adler my brain all over again.  See you back here Sunday.
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thanatos_kalos From: thanatos_kalos Date: January 11th, 2017 08:48 am (UTC) (Link)
After seeing Martin Freeman in so many submissive roles- here, in Fargo, as Arthur Dent, even in the Cornetto films- it came as such catharsis to see him beat the shit out of a friend rather than an enemy, and then come more or less round after that.

It's also a call back to Scandal in Belgravia when the location of John hitting Sherlock is interpreted correctly by Irene Adler as love. Which then plays in to the ending. :)

I loved Mrs Hudson in this one as well. :)

Oh, and it's Euros, I believe (even though that's a masculine Greek ending as well as the name of director Euros Lyn).
captainsblog From: captainsblog Date: January 11th, 2017 10:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
The reviews I've read are going with Eurus. And to the extent captions are canon, PBS at least agrees:

Looking that up, though? I'd not noticed her comment, after saying Toby gave her the note, that "a mutual friend put us in touch." Who do you think? James M? Lady S? Ajay? Twelve?
thanatos_kalos From: thanatos_kalos Date: January 11th, 2017 10:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
That's poor transliteration & I'm disappointed in them. She pronounces it Euros, though. *shrugs*

I'm assuming either Moriarty or Lady S. I'm also curious if she's Sherlock's twin; given his repeated vehemence that 'it's never twins' that almost sounds like a conditioned response.
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