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Cleverly disguised as an almost healthy adult.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Cleverly disguised as an almost healthy adult....
Day Four of the bug, if in fact the same one Eleanor got knocked down with last week, started improving today more or less right on schedule.  I got through the night without hourly wakeups- it helped that, unlike Tuesday-night-into-Wednesday, we did not have near hurricane-force gales out there- and with the help of several Psuedofeds and about a gallon of bottled water, got the symptoms down to a dull roar.

I had to be in Rochester both yesterday and today, and came home in between because I wasn't going to inflict this thing on the kids.  Fortunately, I didn't have to be back terribly early today, since I wound up settling the 10:00 a.m. court hearing I'd built my day. Less fortunately, I got to while away half an hour between Let Out Dog and Feed Dog with a wonderful game of Musical Checks.  Apparently, when I did last visit the kids early last week, I neglected to record any of Eleanor's receipts that come out of our checking account. No problem, though, or so I thought: several checks had been delayed in posting. Until yesterday. When I also brought the total balance down below 10 bucks in anticipation of both of us getting payroll posted into there today and tomorrow.  Unfortunately, both the big delayed checks both posted yesterday, bringing us six bucks to the bad. So far, they've only recorded one $34 overdraft charge.  Depending on how they count debit-card transactions, though, that number could go as high as five- and one of them might be for that stupid 3-cent snafu at Felicia Gulf the other day.

That would make me very angry.


Know what else just made me angry?  Goddam Adobe.

My laptop was running slow in the other office this afternoon, and I realized I hadn't rebooted it in awhile- and thus, there were likely definitely a bunch of updates clogging its memory.  So I took a few moments to clean up my real desktop while the Windows Update shit did its thing. Soon as it rebooted and went to desktop, though, Adobe Flash demanded an update.  I'm used to the nasties in these- trying to get you to install CrapAfee or the Ask Toolbar or Drumpf's Favorite Kinky Website- and unclick the "optional offer" without even thinking about it.  This time, though? After running the Flash install and then reopening Chrome, I got this:

Needless to say, I ignored the blue pill and clicked the white one.  Given their skeevy history with these other malware bundles, you'd think Adobe would be more careful.


One more day of Somewhat Sick- quick court appearance, afternoon appointment in the office here- and then two full days plus a quasi-off-day Monday to complete the recovery.
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