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 ♫Here in my car, I feel safest of all, I can lock all my doors, It's the only way to live, In cars. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
 ♫Here in my car, I feel safest of all, I can lock all my doors, It's the only way to live, In cars.

(No, that is not the worst earworm of all time. This is. Don't blame me if you clicked either of those.)

The workweek ended with Teh Sick finally contained enough to get out for a more-or-less full day of both work and workout, but the subject of much of the morning was the means of transport, old and new.

As I was heading out the door, Eleanor's phone rang. I heard, "Dad's leaving but he needs to hear this...." That's when I noticed I'd also gotten (and missed) a call from the kid. Emily's car was not starting. No specific sounds or other symptoms she could report that I could ID it as "Oh, it's this" or "Just flick that switch."  So the only advice I could give was "Call AAA." So you wait.

And when it's a hybrid which won't start, as she now has, you worry.  They have two batteries: one, similar to those in all-gas vehicles, runs the lights and radio and the other small stuff.  The Big Guy, the one that you charge through deceleration energy and contributes actual power to move the vehicle, does not connect to the other battery, so its stored energy can't start the car if the little one is drained or dead.  It's also the ridiculously expensive one to replace if it goes.  So "won't start" could mean that either has shat the bed, with a range of cost from Near Nothing to Send it to the Crusher.

Meanwhile, I had to be in court, hence the "heading out the door" part earlier. After some fun times getting there which I'll get to, I quickly said my piece and saw Emily had texted me.  Then I got the verdict, and it was a good, if somewhat regretted one (by her):  it was the little battery, and it was the result of her having left the dome light on overnight after turning it on to find something in the dark car.  She could stand to replace the little battery and will, but it's not a major issue, so yay. She also got to an important appointment on time, which she (and I) had also been stressing about.


Then there was the drive there.  I'll just snip it the way I posted it on Facebook right after the experience, since I got to end it with what is now my favourite emoji of forever:

Eleanor's got him at the moment for errands; she didn't charge the electric one last night and it likely wouldn't make it on all her rounds.  I've got a few to run myself, plus the library just sent me the perpetually-on-hold ebook of Ron Chernow's Hamilton bio, the one LMM based the musical on.  I got about a third through it during the first two-week loan, and did find that much of the end is footnotes, so I think I'll finish in time this time.

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