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Useless Days and Entertaining Nights... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Useless Days and Entertaining Nights...
The past two days of work have been utterly unproductive.  Before 10:30 yesterday morning, I managed to:

- get caught in a rainstorm between parking the car and getting into court, realizing only then that I'd left my umbrella in the other car we gave to Emily;

- get strip-searched going into court, realizing only at the security checkpoint that I'd left my attorney ID back in the car we didn't give to the kid;

- almost get stuck in an elevator on the way to the 8th and eventually 9th floors of the Ugly City Court Building downtown here.

The hearings in both of those courts did not produce stuckiness, but didn't produce much of anything productive, either.  Fortunately, I managed to get some stuff done in the afternoon, among them finally confirming a Closing From Hell in Rochester for 11 this morning.

Yeah, well.

Closings are now governed by TRID- which is either the current government guideline for real estate matters or a really bad joke about sugary cereals.  The guideline is intended to give buyer/borrowers useful information about their closings in order to make informed decisions about the products and prices- so of course they typically result in delays preventing such people from knowing the costs until days, if not hours, before their closings.

So it was today.  Clients FINALLY got cleared to close last week, and we confirmed today as the day then, and 11 a.m. as the time yesterday. But no TRID- or any other form of confirmation of their figures.  Eventually, the closing got pushed back to 3:00 this afternoon, which was fine if it happened, but still, no figures.  I finally left Buffalo to leave enough time to meet the clients and review the mythical documents before 3. Literally as I was pulling off the 90 onto the interstate into Rachacha, the call came: today's 3 p.m. was canceled. The email confirming it said why:

One of the last steps to clearing an FHA file for  closing is to log on to the FHA connection and clear the appraisal for closing in the FHA system as well.  When she logged on the FHA connection she found the FHA case number is expired and needs to be reinstated.  She did request FHA reinstate the case number and was told by FHA this could take up to 72 hours.  It may be back sooner but we just have no guarantee when it will be completed..The minute they get it back they will be clearing the loan to close and close as soon as possible depending on your schedules.

Well, whoopie shit for that.  I'd driven, by then, close to 50 one-way miles for no ultimate purpose and I still don't know when it will happen.  Fortunately, I was able to meet with a different client, quite unexpectedly, on the other end of the journey which could make the drive worthwhile.  But still- what a mess.


At least I was headed home, rather than in a closing room, late this afternoon.  We were both home each of the past two nights, which is nice- I finished season one of Sense8 and began the Netflix documentary about the history of the Eagles. If my days are going to be difficult, I prefer to Take It Easy in my evenings;)
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