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January.... February.... MARCH! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
January.... February.... MARCH!

It was a rough day yesterday, as you can imagine.  In addition to the national-news shit which I tried to insulate myself from, I started my day getting cut off in traffic and then flipped off; missed an appointment with a guy by literally ten seconds and got to watch him leave; got partially locked out of the online timekeeping program I use for one office because a security prompt asked me for my name and I put in "Raymond" instead of "Ray," thereby disabling every authorized "Ray" program access; after speaking with a co-worker about the dangers of making any mistakes at all in her client trust account, immediately found (and fortunately corrected) at least three small errors in my own; and had to end my day at Petsomething on the way home because Zoey is picking at a wound above her tuchus and she needs a Cone of Shame. She's so pleased:

Fortunately, there is a liquor store on the way to the pet shop.

At least I didn't have to go to Olean yesterday as I was scheduled to.  Here's the first business you come to after the 400 Expressway turns into Back Road 16, this taken less than two weeks before the election:

That theme continues pretty much the whole way down there. They must have been firing semiautomatics into the air in celebration yesterday.  Me, I got me a photoshop and a paper, and I made me my own little sign:

It's a blatant ripoff from a full line of redneck "FUBO" merch that popped up in 2009. They never publicly admitted what it stood for, so when I'm asked, I'm going to say I'm merely showing the new guy the same respect as his predecessor got.


In comparison to the crickets and C-list performers that heralded the incoming Commandant yesterday, streets of and leading to DC, and all around even the world today, are packing with (mostly) women in (many) pink-knitted "pussy hats" to remind our leaders who, exactly, they should be leading.  I hope it goes well, and peacefully, but I'm a bit troubled by the general inability of progressives to cope with having power on the rare occasions they are able to obtain it.

Just look what Congress bent over and farted out for Drumpf in the past two weeks before he even put his hand on the book. If Democrats in 2009 had stood together, with their then filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and a commanding lead in the House, and passed stimulus and carbon tax and public-option health care like these guys are ramming shit through, there'd be much more of a legacy to pass on. But no- "blue dogs" held out for compromises and pet projects and little happened as it was intended to in the first even two years.

Same thing happened in New York a year later. Democrats finally took over the State Senate- and members of the new majority quickly made it their first order of business to enrich themselves with power and titles and pots of money to pass out.  Within weeks, Republicans had aligned with a small sliver of them to hand the gavel back to the GOP, where it has never left.

Even this march has been the subject of the usual complaints and oversensitivities. Originally to be called the "Million Women March," that offended a group of African-American women who'd done one by that name 20 years ago. So they changed it to the "Women's March on Washington," which was instantly derided as being a cultural appropriation of the MLK original from the 60s.  So the womensmarchonwashington dot com website turns out to be a litany about how the white women took over the show.  It's Judean Peoples Front versus Peoples Front of Judea claptrap- and while they're all fighting among themselves, the bad guys (who did all THEIR fighting months ago and got over it) are taking over, taking charge and taking us to the cleaners.

I know- Dennis would say I have no business telling the collective how to govern themselves.  I will watch some, work some, and later today we're going to go see Hidden Figures- a story of women who got shit done under even more adverse circumstances than we've now got.

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warriorsavant From: warriorsavant Date: January 24th, 2017 07:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
I agree that the Dummicrats are their own worst enemies and continue to be.
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