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Hidden Figures, Seemingly Hidden Crowd, Still Hidden Closing - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Hidden Figures, Seemingly Hidden Crowd, Still Hidden Closing
We finally got to the film Sunday afternoon. Hidden Figures tells a story, much needed at this very moment, of how oppressed people can overcome if they believe in their cause and put in the brainpower and work to accomplish their goals.  It was sobering and saddening to see elements of this tale- set almost entirely in 1961, as in within my lifetime- which demeaned these brilliant women on account of their gender and, even more, on account of their race.  Fortunately, they worked at a secure government facility where the efforts to empower them didn't raise eyebrows or draw parades of armed men in white hoods.

Toward the end of the film, which focuses on the efforts to get John Glenn as the first American astronaut to orbit the earth, his character becomes much more involved with, and supportive of, the efforts of the female lead character to calculate his way there and back.  I wondered if the real John Glenn had gotten a chance to see the film before his passing late last year, and sadly, the director tried but couldn't arrange it.

Also makes you wonder how that man never got elected President. The only orange thing about him was his space suit:


Monday brought back-to-work and mostly frustration. Everything I did seemed to take three tries to get the right people to process the right stuff (see what I did there?;), and the phone was a day full of tag and missed connections.  I needed a diversion at the end of the day and got one. 

Tyler Westcott is a local folk music performer who we met last year opening for Antje Duvekot in Williamsville. He announced his first CD late last year, and I'd been hoping to grab a copy. He's touring from here to Syracuse and mostly back this week with some performer friends of his, and first stop was last night at Sportsmens- a quiet, friendly watering hole with walls of album covers and head shots of the famous performers who came before, an EVERYBODY ZYDECO sign behind the bar, and plenty of good craft beers available on it.

I was Tyler's only social media "event" friend to respond, and when I got there, the three performers and bartenders about outnumbered the rest of the crowd.  He saw my check-in and appreciated the attendance, and I worried a little if this would wind up being a washout.  Nah- by the time I headed out due to a Stupid Early Tuesday, the crowd had swollen quite a bit, and by the evening's end, he'd sold out of the CDs he brought with him:)

Of course I got one- along with the tour's signature shirt-

- and here are the Men at Work, Tyler backing on the banjo on this particular set-


Stupid Early Tuesday is now winding down- mainly because an afternoon Rochester appointment, set in anticipation of Stupid Never Closing, got postponed. Said SNC, finally restored to good standing with FHA yesterday, has STILL not been scheduled. I've now got at least three other appointments tomorrow I need to sandwich it in between, if it even gets cleared to close at all by then.

Oh well. Tyler's in Rochester Thursday night if I want to see the rest of the set.
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warriorsavant From: warriorsavant Date: January 24th, 2017 07:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
The member of parliament for where I'm about to live is an ex-astronaut. He probably would be a good prime minister.
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