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"This is not the political post you've been looking for." - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"This is not the political post you've been looking for."
Oh, believe me, I've got one.  It's been festering like a gangrenous wound for days now.  But let's stick to the rest of life for right now.

I picked up a referral-source client in July of last year.  The first six months of it were slow but steady: a few wills, a couple of bankruptcies, the occasional traffic ticket, and two real estate transactions that ate my brain. (Both of those, blessedly, finally got closed out in the past couple of weeks.) Then, right around the start of the year, it blew up.  Since the last week of 2016, when people started finding out that they had this benefit with their jobs for the coming year, I've been called by at least a dozen potential new clients, almost all of them needing fairly straightforward stuff that I can do. And no real estate among it:)

Court also has come back with a vengeance.  After the holiday shutdown that then kept things quiet through the week of the 3rd, I had four scheduled court appearances each of the next two weeks. Last week there were only two, but lots of client appointments and, finally, the last of the evil real estate closings. Last week also brought responding papers on hearings scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday, for which my opponents each waited until the last minute to respond to papers I sent them in October. I had to spend much of the past two days doing replies to their papers- plus getting another case settled that would otherwise have eaten my day yesterday, plus other appointments each day, and more on the way.

So, yeah. Not a lot of time to post here.

I'm caught up on Sense8, mostly finished the Hamilton bio, and Eleanor and I have started the reboot of One Day at a Time, which is rather sweetly done so far.  DEATH has taken a few unfortunate swings in the dying days of January, including Mary Tyler Moore and John Hurt. And speaking of Doctors, I awoke this morning to the news that Peter Capaldi will be calling it quits after this series, becoming the latest in the franchise to make it through three years.

Hmmmm.... maybe by the time this year of craziness is up, we can find him something else to do for the next three:

I know, Scottish, but....a psychic-paper long-form birth certificate can fix that;)
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