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Doing Unto Others - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Doing Unto Others
Still not The Political Post- but with political overtones.

The theme, rather, is selflessness.  Not looking out for Number One (formerly Numero Uno, before we started planning the Wall).  Seeing fellow human beings as human beings rather than as stereotypes.

When you ban the entry of every immigrant from seven countries, while hundreds if not thousands of them are in transit or have valid visas or green cards to enter, you are viewing them as Achmed The Dead Terrorist and not as Muhammad, and Alia, and the actual names of the actual people who you are discriminating against. A few years ago, I worked with a seminary student who is now an ordained United Methodist pastor; she spent part of her time here working with Muhammads and Alias and others who are real people. Here is what she recently said about them:

In the 2 years I worked with and served refugees in Buffalo, I learned a refugee's greatest desire is to live peacefully in their home country. Because that's not possible their second wish is to heal from the atrocities they've lived through and peacefully start new lives in a safe place.

Many, if not most, of those refugees came to Buffalo from Somalia, one of the seven on the Cheeto's ban list.  Those refugees have done more to revitalize a long-dead section of Buffalo than any federal, state or city grant program ever did.  They are real. They are scared. They are not here to blow us up.  You are shooting at a flea with an elephant gun.

This principle was upheld by a federal judge- appointed by George W. Bush with the support of all but one of the Republican senator at the time- who is now being threatened with Chweetos from the President* and possibly worse.

They are strangers in a strange land. Jesus said we should welcome them.  That, apparently, has been lost in the translation of the Fundie Bible.


The message resonated with me at the end of my one day (and not a good day at that) in Rochester earlier this week.

Mike Dellaria is a Rochester artist who creates thought-provoking images on local highways (in dissolvable paint). A few months ago, he put one on 490 of Mr. Rogers holding a "love your neighbor" sign. Well, it's back this week- and likely to attract gun-toting Trumpernutters now:


I tried today putting my money where my blog is on such sentiment.

Eleanor asked if I would join her for chanting tonight for a Japanese-born member of her Buddhist group; she's in final stages of cancer and is leaving early tomorrow to return home, probably for the last time.  The timing of the session gave me a few hours to "work" before we left, and I spent most of them getting Emily and Cameron their tax refunds.  It was tricky: security concerns now require you to input each taxpayer's drivers license information, and not just the "license number" and expiration date but a "document number" which is allegedly printed in the lower right corner of post-2014 NYDMV licenses.

Except it wasn't. On either of theirs. Neither return would transmit until we factory sealed them for their protection. Fortunately, we have a smart kid; she figured out that there was a code with the correct number of alphanumeric characters, on each of their license reverses, which weren't in the place the DMV said they were but seemed to be what the IRS wanted. I sent them off, and they were accepted.  Benefit to me: zero. Benefit to them: awesome.

We then headed downtown for the chanting for Keiko.  It was at a member's home, short on seating, that required me to sit Indian-style for most of the hour-long chant when my hamstrings were still protesting a workout from the day before. Numerous members offered me mini-benches; I turned them down, knowing the angle of hamstringery required by such "support" that would REALLY kill me. I got through it, and once we got home, we finished our evening with homemade pizzas and the third One Day at a Time remake episode- at least the third before they become subject to a renewed Cuban ban.

Other than recording my time for the last half of the past week, I did very little for me today. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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