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Sea of No Cheetos.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Sea of No Cheetos....

Not the best day in the US of A. How many of them are, these days?

I got a decent amount of work done once back at the office, but that's partly because I couldn't get something filed in state court after a 10 a.m Bankruptcy Court appearance. Our state's court offices still shut down for Lincoln's Birthday- something the private sector and even the federal government folded into next Monday's "President's Day" observance.  One wonders how these stovepipe-hatted snowflakes spend their day off: Do the staties hold log-splitting contests? Re-enact the famed debates with the Cheeto arguing against Frederick Douglass? Or do they just dress up as Rex Hamilton and shoot back at John Wilkes Booth?

Oh well. I at least got a state court case filed electronically, because their computers don't get the day off- yet.  And even though work and the news from Murca weren't the best, there's always Canada nearby.


Eleanor asked for some Great Big Sea music tonight. It was a fitting choice, since our nearest neighbour's leader made his first state visit to the Orange House today.  Unlike several who went before, Justin wasn't fooled by the Cheeto's bully move:

Esteemed president Donald J. Trump met for the first time with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday. At the meeting, Trump, video shows, tried to pull his trademark unsettling handshake on Trudeau, but ultimately failed in the “endeavour.” Here’s hoping their negotiations go better.

Trump has deployed his strange handshake—which involves him yanking the other person’s arm and shaking it for a several beats longer than expected—in public meetings with Vice President Mike Pence, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and, most recently, on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Which is to say Trudeau was warned.

In video of their meeting, you can see Trump attempt the move on Trudeau and Trudeau resist the pull by pulling back until their handshake is stabilized.

Between pwning his host and the Not Impressed look on his face, the Internet did what it does on this:

    Canada really doesn't rock with Trump.
    — Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry)

It was, of course, just a candid moment before an enthusiastic handshake. But, people are seeing Trudeau’s momentarily unimpressed face as a metaphor for how the rest of the world is dealing with the presidency.

    How the rest of the world views Trump in one image.
    — Dan Speerin (@danspeerin)

Like, remember that time the literal president of the United States talked about grabbing pussy?

    Trump: C'mon, touch it. Trudeau: No. Trump: Why? Trudeau: I know where it's been, and I know it wasn't consentin… https://t.co/YJh7hjXSkl
    — Fiona Adorno (@FionaAdorno)

Or a certain unverified document?

    Justin Trudeau is looking at Trump's hand like he just read the Russian Dossier
    — Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry)

It’s also just ~teeming~ with hand-size joke possibilities.

    "As you can see they are NORMAL SIZED HANDS."
    — Anne T. Donahue (@annetdonahue)


    Trump: Look at the size of that. Just look! Trudeau: I'm seeing it. Trump: Are you seeing this? Trudeau: I am in fa… https://t.co/NHKJtZI24Y
    — Henry Tudor (@KngHnryVIII)

Truly, this photo is a blessing.

    *record scratch* *freeze frame* TRUDEAU: yup, that's me, you'e pro- TRUMP: personally I dont feel they're that s… https://t.co/gohlLROYeN
    — Andy Cole (@AndyCole84)

Thank you, Justin. We needed this.


We also needed Alan, Sean and Bob and the rest of the boys.

It's been a couple of years since the band turned XX and then called it quits.  They left an awesome catalog, and for me (and Emily and Cameron and quite a few of you) memories of the four times I got to see them here and in Rochester through four different tours.  Tonight we watched (I think for the first time) the DVD that accompanied their Courage Patience and Grit live album.  Split, as most of their shows were, between folk-Celtic songs and their harder rockers, I think my favorite is still the acoustic version of "Sea of No Cares," which I now know better from the side of its author, Boston-based Chris Trapper.  Alan explains that this is the way he first heard Chris sing the song to the band, and it's largely become the way I hear it in my head:

(Btw, Melissa- did you ever notice a family resemblance between you and Bob Hallett? Something about the hair and outfit maybe?)

Maybe Trudeau can invite the Cheeto and GBS to start building a wall on the northern border- and maybe, just like Charlie the Horse and the Mare of Tickle Cove Pond, he can trick him into falling through the ice.  With those hands, he'd never get out:)

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thanatos_kalos From: thanatos_kalos Date: February 14th, 2017 03:57 am (UTC) (Link)
(Btw, Melissa- did you ever notice a family resemblance between you and Bob Hallett? Something about the hair and outfit maybe?)

Me? Not really-- my Dad was half Scots/Irish and I've got his colouring more than Mum's, so... *shrugs*

I've been alternating between Great Big Sea & the Barenaked Ladies for awhile now & am hoping to do a research project on the latter. :) It's mostly a transparent attempt to get a Canadian university to hire me, but... :P
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