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Arrival.... of another Valentines Day - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Arrival.... of another Valentines Day
I went with the usual Four Basic Valentines Groups on my way home: flowers (field mix, roses are a racket), chocolate, wine, and a cute card.  Five, if you count me bringing home Arrival from the Redbox.  So far, very intelligent and suspenseful.  It did occur to me that the sequel is already planned out: to be called Departure, the aliens land again, only this time the Cheeto sends Sean Spicer to talk to them and they immediately annihilate the planet after sucking up all the oil and boogieing the hell out.

Most of my day was in Rochester. It was supposed to have ended there in the late afternoon with court, but that got postponed. I had two other appointments scheduled ahead of it, a new client trying to schedule with me who I wound up missing, and a very satisfying lunch.... more satisfying, even, for the venue than for me.


I discovered a local specialty wing joint called Country Sweet soon after I first moved to Rochester, even before I met Eleanor.  They were on Monroe Avenue at the time. Their specialty is a breaded chicken wing in a sweet sauce. Eventually they expanded to three locations in the southeast, south and north sectors of the city, but two of them closed years ago and the one nearest the U of R is the one that carried on.  Eventually, they were sold to someone from Buffalo, who's made their wing sauce more of a regional product (available at your local Wegmans, who also occasionally put some not-quite-perfect knockoffs of the store's signature product on their Wing Bar.) A few times a year, I'd detour over there for my old-timey fix, but a few months ago, a fire in a Chinese restaurant several doors down took out the entire south end of their plaza, with them at the end and knocking them out of commission. The good news for them was that, being furthest from the fire, they suffered the least damage. I happened to hear on the radio that they'd just reopened, and since I was arriving there around 1 p.m., I thought, I should stop. They just reopened and could use the business.


The line was practically out the door.  The remodeling was modest, maybe adding a few extra seats but otherwise the same layout as ever, and despite a doubled counter staff and a LOT of people in the back, both the counter and the tip jar were full the whole time I waited.  Word of mouth and social media are good things.


The drive home was less satisfying. After filing some stuff downtown (no, state and county offices don't get Valentines Day off:P), I headed west for the eventual Wegmans stop that would provide the Five Things I Needed to Bring. At some point just before the 90, I put JARVIS into cruise mode, but he said, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That, Ray.  Repeatedly.  I just chilled, watched my speed manually, and once I left the Wegmans lot the control worked again- but I do worry that it might be an early sign of Smart Car Alzheimers.  Ever since I've had the car, the Bluetooth has lost its way at least once every couple of days, forcing me to tell the phone to "Forget Device" and then re-search for it.  He's due for his first service in a few weeks, and we will be inquiring into his neurology.  I just hope it doesn't have a hangover from listening to Sean Spicer news conferences, which would explain everything.
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