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Detours, dead ends and desperate measures - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Detours, dead ends and desperate measures
When I stay with the kids, I get into the Rochester office at a typically early hour. Yesterday was no exception: I was up and running at my desk well before 8 a.m. My only early company was this guy, outside my window:

Not to be outdone, Eleanor sent me a picture from back home of her wildlife encounter:

Fine. He was on sale at Wegmans. Still pretty impressive.


Yesterday was mostly waiting for a document to show up, which finally did around noon. Once the client signed it, I was able to get home- to discover that the dog had chewed a significant panel out of my bathrobe. Awww, she misses Daddy.

Today, then, was reserved for delivering that original in exchange for obtaining the settlement payment connected with the document that showed up yesterday. Over an hour after its expected arrival in downtown Buffalo, we finally learned that it had been misdirected to an office back near Rochester- so off I went, again, to pick it up, obtain the client's signature on it (the other side having required that despite an agreement to the contrary) and get it deposited so I can remit to the client either tomorrow or Monday.

I knew there was an upcoming wedding involving one of the client's kids. I'd met the bride-to-be once or twice on business, and she seemed like a kind and decent soul. So when I got blowback about not releasing the settlement check before it cleared, I asked if it would be weird or creepy if I got the happy couple a wedding gift off their registry.

No, it's okay.  As evidenced by the tears from the client, who's a pain in the ass but deep down is also a kind and decent soul.


The rest of the afternoon was waiting for other clients to get me paperwork for various filings, and making sure that other clients hadn't caused unnecessary trouble in various ways.  I headed home a bit before 4, finishing the podcast of the story of a Rochester attorney and state assemblyman who embezzled at least a million dollars from clients before taking his own life the day before he was scheduled to turn himself in on federal fraud charges.  A week after his death, he won the Republican primary for re-election to his Assembly seat.  One of the cases involved in his mystery and intrigue was one I almost got involved in, four or five years ago; the attorney who tried involving me in it wound up handling it himself, getting a substantial payment for his client, but is now facing new claims that might require the return of the money that was collected.

So when my client today asked for a one-day advance on uncleared funds out of my escrow account, I used the Dead Guy as the cautionary tale for why I couldn't and wouldn't do it.


Tomorrow I was supposed to go out of town but won't; hopefully no emergencies will come up to keep me away from work and an early return home.
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