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Alternative Fact Oscars and Assorted Horseshit.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Alternative Fact Oscars and Assorted Horseshit....
Didn't watch the Oscars. But then, I turned in early on the nights of the Brexit vote and our own 2016 Presidential election, both of which seemed similarly in the bag to La La Land after it got announced as Best Picture.

Gotta stop joking about these things.  After reading about the whole kerfuffle, I announced on arrival in one of my offices today that my objection in a bankruptcy case had been summarily and unfairly overruled.... only to then crack that the email wasn't from the judge but was from Warren Beatty. Barum bum.  Four hours later, although said judge didn't overrule my objection on its merits, he summarily and unfairly gave an extra week's stay of execution to someone who didn't deserve it.

Now I know how both Warren Beatty and Steve Harvey feel.

When I walked out of the Federal Building, the one recently removing its front-hall photos of Obama and Biden (they've yet to replace them with one of the Cheeto- orange ink is apparently off-budget these days:P), there was a mounted patrol from the Rochester PD gathered outside. Perhaps a protest was planned; they'd installed extra metal barriers around the entrance in recent weeks.  Unfortunately, the only protest I saw came from one of the horses, which was coming from the back end of his four legs.

Pretty much summed up my day thus far.

Not to be outdone, though, I returned to the office to discover that I've been put on the email distribution list of Crazy Carl Paladino- a Cheeto supporter from way back and a wackadoodle in his own right, especially when it comes to the subject of horses.  All I can guess is that he bought the entire Erie County Bar Association mailing list- as one can, for a price.  I was initially inclined to unsubscribe, but CrayCar has an unfortunate (for him) habit of hitting "reply to all" on some of his more unfiltered rants, and I'd love to out him to the Fake News Press next time he broadcasts something incredibly offensive.

Click if you're not easily offended.

One of the themes of 2017 is "this is not normal." It is, somehow, comforting to realize that Crazy Carl is still generally accepted as "not normal."


Over the weekend, I got three bankruptcies mostly finished and I knocked off much of a fourth this morning. Tomorrow brings a chance to clear one or two more from the plate, along with some unrelated appointments. I also finished the third of four tax returns which I file annually, leaving only the one that doesn't result in a refund.... ours.
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