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I could use a belt. Or the little red pill. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
I could use a belt. Or the little red pill.
So, this day so far.  Any hope of a Mental Health Half-Day went out the window once I realized today was the last day to send out 50-ish notices for a hearing later in the month.  You order the current mailing list from the court; it's a 3-column-by-10-row format used since manual typing days at Bankruptcy Court.  We'll get to what it's called in a moment.

To save time ::Ray plans, God laughs::, you print the mailing list onto a set of 3x10 labels.  This goes much better when you put the labels in your printer the correct way- labels-up.  Unfortunately, I ran them labels-down, because that's how you do it in my home printer. The copier at the office did not like this variation, and therefore not only printed the text on the wrong side, it ate about a half dozen of the 30 labels. Some came out easily enough by clearing the jams in Tray A and Tray B, but a few are apparently stuck on the drum of the copier itself and cannot be removed without a service call- which was called in but not yet realized. The printer will print, but with negative-images of the stuck labels on the bottom of every page. It doesn't affect envelopes, and I've managed to rerun the labels and got the job (and several others) out the door, but it's a frustration.

Oh, and the term of art for this mailing list? The "Matrix."  Just like Neo and Morpheus and Trinity.  Timely, that, since the New Yorker's Adam Gopnik posited this week that all the recent unbelievable unexpecteds in our lives from the past several months- Brexit, the Cheeto, Atlanta's Super Bowl choke finish, and last weekend's Oskerfuffle- are all evidence that we're all living in a giant simulation and the computer programming's gone bad.

Well, Eleanor just got a new laptop. Maybe that will improve things in the Matrix.


And that's not even the worst of it.

We were both up in the wee smalls. Eleanor had a long day Thursday, made longer by wanting to get the new computer up and running as much as she could.  So round 3 a.m., I heard the bathtub running with her soaking in it.

Unfortunately, so did the dog. She banged at the bedroom door to go out. When she came in and we tried to get back to sleep, I was quickly reawakened by a Loud Dog Sound, and then a second.  It almost sounded like maniacal laughing. Then she banged to go out again.  Soon as she hit the hallway, I saw what had caused the noises: a puddle of ::TMI:: on the floor.

Oh, right. Noises, plural. Because there was a second, even bigger puddle of the same ::TMI:: on the rug in the room.  Upon cleaning up the bigger one, I solved the mystery, for in among the accumulation was the loop from a leather belt that Ebony had been using as a chew toy for weeks. No idea how she got hold of its final leathery piece including the heavier-leather loop; fortunately, though, she did not devour the metal buckle, which Eleanor found intact elsewhere on the floor.  It's been pitched.

A third time outside was apparently the charm. Ebony came back in, fell back to sleep, and amazingly went through her usual morning routine of wanting intentional food at the same time as the cats.  She'd had no further incidents by the time I left for work, and we both got back to sleep after feeding time.


I came within inches of firing a client at the end of the day.   We ultimately worked it out, but I am getting busy enough to start summarily turning down business that raises blips on my BS meter.  A workout following the workday and some good Chinese food and company at home also helped. Also, no new leather accessories much less sweet dreams or flying machines, in pieces on the ground.
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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: March 4th, 2017 01:27 am (UTC) (Link)
my first dog trained me extremely well on *put everything leather away or out of reach, always*. multiple leather shoes, attempts at a leather jacket and purse, and the destruction of a leather wallet of a 'friend with benefits. the leather wallet was STUFFED in such a way that the guy couldnt even sit on it, had to take it out of his pocket just to sit. i saw it and warned him my dog chews up leather. aaaand my dog chewed up his wallet (but thankfully not anything inside it, just scattered the contents all over the couch and under the cushions into the frame of the couch.

to this day i wont leave my few leather shoes/boots out for fear any of my other dogs may somehow magically develop the taste for leather.
captainsblog From: captainsblog Date: March 4th, 2017 01:42 am (UTC) (Link)
Ebony shows no interest in shoes, leather or sneaker or anythinger. Which makes these forays into accessories even stranger.
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