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Weather or not.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Weather or not....
You knew it was supposed to be a bad one.... the weather dudes even went and named it:

Most local schools announced their closings last night- even UB, which rarely pulls the plug.  And so we awoke....

to the Mehpocalypse of 2017: barely two inches on the ground, the roads plowed, Chicken Little back in his cage complete with a full sky on top.

How it is elsewhere may be different. I'd scheduled two Rochester appointments for this afternoon, but I've bailed on both.  I'm getting a decent amount of work done in the office because most offices are closed and the phone's not ringing every three seconds.

Other than the French Toast Panic brigade at the store, Eleanor had some nice experiences at work yesterday- running into Sonny, the opening act from Saturday night, and working out a nice arrangement with another customer to engineer an easel for her of the type she spent the weekend making for herself.  She also helped me out last night, being the second witness for some wills where the couple could only come in after hours.  It was a little touch-and-almost-not-go, though; she'd forgotten to plug in the car after going downtown on Sunday, and Ziggy was on fumes (or whatever pass for fumes in an electric car) by the time she got here. He made it home okay, though, and he's fully charged now in case Stella gets mad at me for mocking her and knocks our power out.
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