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Putting her foot down. Maybe more like a foot and a half.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Putting her foot down. Maybe more like a foot and a half....
I mocked the wussy winter storm on its first day.  Stella was not amused:

By yesterday morning, the Day One Wussies had morphed into some genuine snowpiling.  To make matters worse, I'd degenerated into a serious state of sick by late the previous day, and a Nyquil-numbed night's sleep didn't end the cough, or the chills, or the general malaise.  Our snowplower never showed up- understandable, since our streets didn't get plowed for him to get to the house until close to 1 p.m. (Eleanor was due in at noon- got there round 2. They were mostly dead, so no harm.)

As for me, it was a snow day/sick day/more-or-less mental health day all rolled into one. I'd brought home a few files to work on, got plenty more sleep, and finished an utterly unsatisfactory LOSTerfuck of a Netflix series.  Eventually, I built up enough of a head of steam to clear the back steps of snow so the dog could get in and out, and even shoveled our sidewalk to the legal limits of the town code (sorry, Estate of Betty to the west and Manse of Idiot to the east, I'm not shoveling your fiddlybits feeling like this).  Dinner was Mostly Soup; entertainment was entirely Blackadder; sleep was quick in coming despite not Nyquilling....

because I had to be Rough and Ready for a full Day Back today:P


I was out the door before 8, due in Rochester by 9:30 for a motion I filed in October, couldn't get scheduled until early February, postponed until today so my opponent could file last-minute opposition, resulting in the adjournment so he could argue his position.

Uh huh.

Normally, travel time from Thruway exit 50 to 490 Exit 14 (Downtown-Plymouth Avenue) is just under an hour. Except when there's a major accident just east of the initial tollbooth which slowed my 8:15 entry to a dead stop, then a bailout onto side streets, then back on and only 10 minutes behind schedule until another major accident slowed things just before Exit 14 and made my court arrival closer to 10 a.m.  This is NOT when I needed to hear a cover version of "Hot Rod Lincoln" on WRUR, but I did:P

"My court arrival."  As in Me, Myself, I. My opponent, the one who'd requested the chance to argue, didn't show up.  So I got to wait through close to a dozen other cases before I was the Last Lawyer Standing, and told the judge I was still willing to submit on the papers unless he had questions (wot he didn't).  So I still don't know how it went, and won't for at least a week.

From there, it was off for three straight Rochester appointments, mixed in with distress signals from Emily about Things.  Ultimately, I think all of those were handled okay.  I got home at a decent hour and tomorrow, I will have my first full day since Monday at my real desk in my real office.


Eleanor, meanwhile, had her own moments today: one of her customers today was clearly suffering from a flu-like ailment. They got to discussing the effectiveness of the annual flu shots, which have apparently been downgraded, in hindsight, from over 80 percent preventive to less than 40. "Wow," Eleanor said, "that's not much better than a meteorlogist's prediction!"

Being cashed out, one register over, of course, was longtime Channel 4 weatherman (and Wegmans regular) Don Paul. He laughed, and said "we say the same thing about economists."

Good on you, Pope Don.


My symptoms are not completely gone, but yesterday's *-Health Day seems to have helped considerably. I have only one Rochester trip next week, followed by a longer journey to Olean on the 24th to points south for Doctor Who-ing on the 25th and 26th.  Life is good, and getting better:)

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