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Doing my best to ketchup.... with the best health I can mustard.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Doing my best to ketchup.... with the best health I can mustard....
This stupid cough/cold/whatever is still hanging on with a vengeance. I'm now convinced that I'm making things worse by the amount of arse-sitting I've been doing trying to take it easy.  I spent close to three hours on two bankruptcy petitions today, all of it spent just seated, exercising little south of my fingertips; by the time I finished the draft of the second, the cough had gotten as worse as it's been in days. I tried napping, but the animals had other plans.  Finally I got in maybe half an hour, but awoke as congested as ever. I'm returning to the Land of Nyquil tonight for the first time since Tuesday; tomorrow, I have my usual morning routines on tap (dog to a substitute dog park at 8, workout at 10, then Wegmans and other errands), so that will test whether just getting my ass moving will make things better.

It snowed again overnight- not much, but melting from the past few days made the resulting snowpack much heavier.  The coming week is forecast as moderating until midweek, then a cold Wednesday (my one Rochester day of the week), followed by more moderation until next Sunday when more 30s and snow are due to return.   I'm scheduled to be away in southerner climes Friday through Sunday, but before leaving I am going to check if any of this heavy weather is predicted to get into my way home.


The substitute Parp! is actually closer to home. A nunnery once occupied a major swath of central Amherst, with fields for gardens that the sisters once tended for beauty and produce.  When they gave up the big motherhouse and all the surrounding land, a combination of town and state efforts turned the buildings into residences but the land into a mostly-wild state park.  Ellicott Creek- the same body that surrounds our usual bark park to the northwest- cuts through it, and much of the rest of it is swamp.  A few sightings from Ebony's first visit last Sunday, with not much snow at the time but way more cold than is expected tomorrow:

Ice along the creek edge. She actually came closer to checking out the frozen water here than she ever did at Ellicott Creek Island.

And a bit further upstream to the south, there are some ducks in the creek. Don't worry if you can't see them; Ebony didn't give a shit about them, either.


While I coughed up my fourth and fifth lungs before and during dinner, we caught up with two more episodes of the current season of Portlandia, which as usual I completely missed the memo on being back.  They've returned to the original formula of alternating multiple sketches in each episode, rather than making extended set pieces each week.  Word is, next season's episodes will be the end for Fred and Carrie, much to the delight of the PDX hipsters who don't like being made fun of.
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