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Sometimes, you make the mistake and sometimes the mistake makes you.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Sometimes, you make the mistake and sometimes the mistake makes you....
You don't get to be as old as me without experiencing fuckups.  Sometimes many in a day.

My first today almost happened, but didn't.  An automated process was doing its thing on my computer when I happened to see a WTF?!? data entry going out, and hit Cancel just in time. It would have been fixable, but only with a lot of effort and more than a little egg.

(On face, that is. Scrambled. Not so over easy.)

I then came home to avert a second mistake, of a kind I'd caused a few weeks ago by using my Bigass™ Office Copier to print labels for a mass mailing for a bankruptcy case.  They came unglued around the drum and wrecked things for a couple of days. I'd sent out a second such mailing since, coming home and using my smaller, easier to manage printer, and today I had a third, so me, my matrix and my mailing labels came in the door around noon.

As in lunchtime.  I proceeded to fix a sandwich, and poured a glass of diet cola to wash it down. Zoey decided to join me- and on her way to the sammich, proceeded to knock the full glass to the kitchen floor with an amazing amount of shatter and splatter.

The liquid mess was bad enough but nothing new.  Making things far worse was how badly that glass blowed up.  The blast radius carried shards to the garage entrance to the kitchen and well into the living room on the other side.  There wasn't a piece bigger than a pebble, and the whole thing looked like a pile of very thinly crushed ice.  Eleanor was still finding shrapnel when she got home this afternoon; hell, I just found three more shards.

Like most trained bombadiers, Zoey fled the target on detonation and didn't get a drop or a nick on her.  The dog, on the other hand, was all oh boy sweet stuff on the floor and had to be restrained before I could get the area under control.

At least the labels didn't jam the damn printer.


When I got back to my office, things improved- thanks to another mistake. Best of all, it wasn't mine.

A ritual of my job is sending notices and subpoenas to banks that have, or might have, money in accounts in the names of people or companies who owe money to my clients.  There's a quick, inexpensive and semi-sneaky way of "freezing" accounts once you have a judgment.  I say semi-sneaky because you are not required to tell your opponent that you've done it; if you "hit" an account against an individual with money in it above a certain level, the bank tells them- and sends them a form that might allow them to release the account.

Today's mail brought no such good news.  Green-Colored Bank Number Three in our market sent a response to one of my restraints telling me that XYZ Company had no accounts with it.  But then came the mistake: in the same envelope, they accidentally sent me an identical response to another creditor's inquiry about a completely different judgment, one that I had nothing to do with.

Nothing directly to do with, anyway; as fate would have it, the Not My Response was about a judgment that somebody else had taken against an individual who I also, coincidentally, hold a judgment against. And while Green #3 did not reveal any of ITS information about that individual- it couldn't, because it didn't have any- it did reveal the current address and place of employment of the guy, which Somebody Else had included in their subpoena to the bank.

I'd known neither. I googled the name of the company to be sure.  There was his picture, smiling at me- and there was me, smiling right back.

I sat right down and wrote me three letters.  One, to the company he works for/at, to restrain them from paying him anything other than wages.  Two, to a marshal of the court the judgment came from, asking him to garnish 10 percent of any money he receives from them that is in the form of wages.  And finally, to Somebody Else, sending them the subpoena response that was accidentally sent to me. I thought of offering to share my knowledge of the situation with him. Nahhhhh- not yet.

Now both cities I practice in the most regularly have reputations for being overgrown "small towns," and Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon moments are not uncommon. Far more often, they result in me discovering conflicts of interest that prevent me from taking on work.  But the odds of a multistate bank, processing its subpoenas from another state, happening to send me the wrong response but about someone I'd heard of, held a claim against and with information I could use?  Staggeringly high.  Maybe even millions to one against. Like the number of grains of sand on a beach.... or the number of shards of broken glass on my gorram kitchen floor;)

One's cleaned up.  We're still working on the other:)
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warriorsavant From: warriorsavant Date: March 21st, 2017 12:35 am (UTC) (Link)
Sometimes it's needed to know there's someone else around who the universe hates.

And yes, I'm amazed at how far glass will "bounce" when it breaks.
weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: March 21st, 2017 03:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
sympathies for the glass. i dropped a little glass custard dish and shattered it into a bazillion little shards, and the dogs came running to investigate. i could only imagine an expensive vet trip with glass embedded in dog paws, and rushed to prevent the dogs from coming into the kitchen. instead *I* got glass in my foot.
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