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Doctor's Fans and Brad's Wife - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Doctor's Fans and Brad's Wife
I made three appointments today- two of them preferably painless.

The first was confirming, finally, that I will be heading south from Olean tomorrow afternoon and spending Saturday and then Sunday morning at Re-Generation Who down in Merlin.  I will head back Sunday afternoon via Binghamton, and then stop to see my sister and daughter as I finally make it home by the end of the day Monday.

Second was for Tuesday morning. I finally made a doctor's appointment to find out why this Cough is From Hell- my client yesterday, and several others I know, have had similar experiences.  Better safe than sorry, though, yo.

But the final in the sequence left the worst of the tastes.  Our taxes are finally done, and for a change we're actually due to get a refund- of the state portion.  I'd overpaid the estimates by year-end, mainly because of forgetting that Eleanor's IRA distribution from last April (which I replaced today) was nontaxable on the state return because she's old and cranky. (Come the 2019 return, any of mine will be nontaxable, too #getoffourlawn.)  But I needed to make the 2016 contribution before April 15th, and we settled on today to both go to the bank branch to deposit that contribution, and also to reallocate a 2015 contribution I made for her that's actually lost a few shekels since then.

The bank officer was dismissive and a bit passive-aggressive once Eleanor finally got there. No, there were no Investment Services people who could speak with us today, but could she make an appointment for the same time tomorrow? (Um, no- I'm away, and even though I don't need to be there, Eleanor's hours don't work for tomorrow.)  Plus, Officer Lisa won't even be in tomorrow to schedule anything with the IS people. So I took the bullshit by the horns after reviewing our work schedules for next week, and booked a thorough review for the end of the day after I get back in Tuesday.

Banks are one of those places where "customer service" is an oxymoron.  I just hope our retirement accounts will eventually be bigger than they look on the inside.


At least the bank doesn't have a viral social media attack on its hands.

Earlier today, I became aware of "Brad's wife"- a former Cracker Barrel employee who was fired on Brad's birthday a few weeks ago.  The Internet has responded with awesome trolliness in reaction- and now no corporate post or promotion can get online without the Revenge of the Missus:

That's just a taste of the Internet justice being dispensed. Corporate CB remained locked down about it at last report, which is either the best or worst thing for them to do.  I got no satisfaction from them myself, when I tried to get their website to acknowledge her very existence:

No biscuits or rocking chairs for me in my travels until #bradswifematters gets resolved:P
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