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(Re)Generation Saturday: The Who, What or Where(-TF?!?) Game - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
(Re)Generation Saturday: The Who, What or Where(-TF?!?) Game

Halfway home now- after what, for us, were Days One and Two of (Re)generation Who.  Yesterday was the full day for both my guest and I at the con's new location in downtown Baltimore.  My friend Donna moved to an apartment a few weeks ago with her dog and one of her two cats (her daughter took the other).  Although she grew up near Baltimore, she never lived in the city, nor did much driving on her own into it in the years since she's been back.  And so we turned to Siri for guidance in getting from the new home to the new hotel.

This did not go well, but could have gone much, much worse.

The hotel address is 100 East Pratt Street.  But: the con website made clear that onsite hotel parking would be stupid expensive, even on the weekend, and they linked to a map of helpfully close garages.  One of them seemed reasonably priced, at least compared to the stupid expensive one.  That is how we wound up asking Siri to take us to 208 East Water Street in Balti-MORE.

Sorry, that's how she talks.

It put us on I-95 to start, which I hate with a passion in each of the ten states I have driven it through.  Then it took us through a tunnel, leading to obvious Sopranos opening credit jokes.  Again above ground, we saw a skyline, a shoreline, even stadia! We were close!  Nevertheless, Siri persisted- continue south for 8.3 miles to 695 toward Towson. Huh? We STARTED near 695 around Towson.  When she pointed to I-70, Donna finally noticed that the "miles to go" counter at the bottom of the screen was leaving more than 400 miles to go.

We bailed.  I rechecked things.  Um, the garage was actually at 208 Water Street, not East Water Street.  Also, not West anything, which is exactly where Siri was determined to send us:

On the bright side, we do have friends in Dayton, Ohio. No Doctors, though. Inputting the real address got us there in under 15 miles and 20 minutes.  I dropped off my passenger and found an even more reasonable garage, and we headed in for hours of exploring and experiencing.


After all that, we were a little late getting into the one panel hosted by our friend (and generally overloaded Con co-organizer) Kara, featuring Katy Manning, Companion to the classic Third Doctor.  We were pretty far from the stage.  No matter- Katy came to us:

During question time, she saw this little guy in the aisle one row behind us and just had to come down to next to my seat to snorfle him.  She was utter magic on this and a later panel we saw her on.

Our only on-site Doctor was Seven- Sylvester McCoy.  We missed his panel appearance (thanks, Siri:), but Donna got his autograph; he was charming and giving of his time.

Obligatory Bad Picture, Day One: the UNIT panel, with Katy again, Richard Franklin from the classic days, and Ingrid Oliver who played Osgood in more recent shows.  She was a hoot and told great stories about getting the part and making three Doctors at once have to re-shoot a scene on account of being too ridiculously serious:

Some shopping- CO-RESIST bumper stickers for several wanting them, a stuffed TARDIS-themed bear for Emily- and finally a return to the garage and, by a much shorter route, to Donna's new home.

Still to come about Sunday: Creators, peripheral references to Zombies and their authors and editors, upcoming books of interest, and a much easier drive halfway home.

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