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(Re)Generation Sunday: Cawfee, Zombies, Bebbies - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
(Re)Generation Sunday: Cawfee, Zombies, Bebbies

This year's convention, like its predecessors, featured "Tea With the Doctor," a chance to meet and greet an actual Time Lord and a fellow cast member or two.  They sold out quickly and were not on the radar of an if-come-maybe guest like me.  But this year, they added a Companion event, with a time difference and lesser demand and cost. Called "Coffee with the Creators," it brought round most of the writers and artists from the Whoniverse that had been participating in the previous days' panels.

I was solo for this one: Donna awoke to some stomach distress (and to a dog, who likely caused some of same for her the night before), and I was sent on my way via a much more direct and interesting route into a somewhat quieter Sunday morning city.  Parking was onstreet and much closer, and I arrived in time to join a table with two of the previous day's speakers:

Seated, left: George Mann, mostly known for novel and audio work connected with the franchise.  Most of the time, though, was given to Keith R.A. DeCandido (standing, right), lots of Doctor stories from his writings for different series of books.  He's also had published Buffy stories, but spoke at length about also doing an Orphan Black compendium. (I asked him to include a good pork rind recipe for Helena, so watch for that.)

The format almost seemed evocative of speed-dating (such as I know of it;), and before long we were joined by Nick Briggs, voice of Daleks, Cybermen, and even God (in the Neil/Terryverse).:

He's also very involved in the Big Finish series of audio/podcast tie-ins to the show, plus many other fandom connections.

Next up: Who comics artist Simon Fraser (not much familiar with them), followed by author Dr. Arnold Blumberg (about whom more to come), and our final round with "Daleks" episode author Robert Shearman:

(Photo and associated cosplay joke courtesy of mikailborg;)

Robert had some great stuff to share: about the amazement and difficulties of working on New Who while being an unabashed fanboy of the original material; about discovering that his (somewhat older) wife was a childhood friend of Three's Companion Katy Manning, leading to even more fanboying; and about really liking the idea of pastries for breakfast on days of the year other than Christmas (which is apparently illegal under UK law).

We all applauded our rotating guests, and I headed through the vendors for a couple of final errands.


The previous day, I passed a table selling this logo in a variety of media:

A Facebook friend saw it and wanted one, as did Eleanor once I got back in touch. So I scored several more, plus a matching t-shirt. Mine's already on JARVIS's butt.

I then headed over to Dr. Blumberg's table. He was selling anthologies of essays about both classic and New Who; during his chat with us, he mentioned working on them with a writer named Dr. Smith.

No, you ninny, not this one:

But I guessed, and was right, that he meant Robert Smith?,  whose Zombie work -

-includes significant contributions from thanatos_kalos and also Emily's first-ever published illustration.

Of course Dr. Blumberg is familiar with Mel's work. And of course the collection I bought (also edited by Smith?)-

-includes one of Mel's essays, as well.  Dr. Blumberg is also working on a nearly-Kickstarted project about American Doctor Who fandom called “Red, White and Who."  At the chat, I mentioned to him how many people, over this weekend and before, had come to the series not through BBC anything but through the PBS airings beginning in the 70s. He remembered that, as well.


No geographic malfunctions this time: I'd found the back way through the Port of Baltimore and a cool Fells Point neighborhood to get downtown without a single touch of 95-ery; and I parked practically under a road sign pointing to I-83, a/k/a the Way Home.

Now, we're halfway.  Tomorrow I'll see Emily before returning to clients and, best of all, home.

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thanatos_kalos From: thanatos_kalos Date: March 27th, 2017 06:40 am (UTC) (Link)
Actually, I'm in all the Outside Ins, including the two on Trek. ;-)

(Also, I probably should have said not to mention me to Blumberg. It's complicated).

Rob is the best; he was a guest at the DW conference i ran that started all this...
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