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Back to what passes for normal around here.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Back to what passes for normal around here....

Once more into the breach. Okay, three times since I last posted. Monday was a sort-of workday; I still had my "go away" away message on my voicemail, but the calls they kept a-comin'. I left my sister's a little before 9 a.m., drove up to Emily's through Ithaca, dropping off her Who pressie to her-

- and then spent a few hours in the office in Rochester. That was devoted mostly to organizing incomplete paperwork for clients to complete, and finally finding out I lost a case the previous week for a really bizarre reason. I left there and returned here just in time to sort through three days of crap in my main office, then got home early enough to walk the dog and catch Eleanor just as she was driving home from work. She did a lot of cleaning and organizing while I was away, so we made a quiet night of it, watching Moana during dinner.

I was supposed to see my doctor first thing yesterday morning, but they called seconds before I was about to leave and asked to move me back a couple hours.  This worked out- literally, since I just rescheduled a workout into that slot, my first in a week.  (Ow.) The doctor's appointment was inconclusive but may have found the solution to the Mystery of the Hocked Loogie: I switched BP meds in late September, which is right when this cough first fired up.  Some such medications have chronic cough as a side effect. So we've switched one out for another, and we'll monitor both the BP readings (at Wegmans) and the cough (I can do this at home:P).  It's only been a day, but it seemed a little better during the day today. Of course, today was not an ordinary workday- more about that in a moment- but I'm hopeful.

A coworker texted me right before I got to the doctor; apparently my Smart car has an evil twin not far from our office:

Note the moocher socialist handicap plate on it, which I'm sure the owner doesn't find the least bit ironic.


Bankruptcy continues to be a bizzy-bizzy-bizzy business for me. Two clients signed yesterday and will be filed tomorrow as soon as their checks clear; two more immediately came in this afternoon for appointments to take their places in the work queue.  That doesn't count another guy who called yesterday and is coming in tomorrow, or the one who called in transit today and will likely come in Monday, or a third possible new one who was also supposed to meet me today but canceled.  Overall, filings are not up crazy like this. I'm just speshul, apparently.

I spent a good chunk of the day today with my Rochester group at a trade show.  It's roughly the same experience as it was two years ago when I wrote about it here: most of the traffic was bored exhibitors from other booths, most of those selling things we didn't need and not needing what we had to offer.  We passed out rubber duckies as the primary bling, which was about as good as it got on the floor.  Other than a small sample of Dino pulled pork with beans (Mongo loves beans;), I came away with nothing from anybody else.

But I'm sure everything will be real bigly soon!  Just ask the asshat in the ugly Smart car:P

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