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Back in Time.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Back in Time....
Figures. I spent a weekend surrounded by Time Lords and TARDISes and didn't bring any of them home for when I needed them.  Today, especially.  Although I had only one brief(ish) court appearance and no (scheduled) appointments, it wound up being an exhausting day where some time travel sure would've helped.

The "brief(ish)" court should have been even briefer.  This judge helpfully schedules his calendars of this kind so that one-shot appearances like mine are scheduled ahead of the Big Players with cattle cars full of cases.  Except mine didn't get called early; rather, I was one of the last stragglers when the judge asked what case I was there on. I named it. Oh, the trustee adjourned that one before the calendar; didn't they tell you?

Erm, no.  Fortunately, I was able to present useful information, got almost three months to resolve some issues, and best of all did not get ticketed for going over what I thought would be the less-than-brief(ish) time I'd paid for.


Next, back at the office, it came time to pull up some real estate documents for two cases I filed yesterday.  The particular county in question nicely provides free images of all deeds, mortgages and related things, but their site requires Java to present them. Today, Firefox said, in its best Inspector Clouseau voice,

Seems Mozilla has ended all plug-in support for unrelated nasties like Flash and Java.  I'd downloaded an "extended service release" to get round the Flash problem, but apparently the last browser update ran that baby right over.  I then tried Chrome- and instantly remembered that Google cut off its Java extensions even earlier.  Not even Cortana could help in the Edge environment. And so it is that I am reduced to using Internet Explorer on a Windows 10 machine to render documents I need for my fucking job.

I wonder if I'm eventually going to need to bring back Pong.


My third trip on (or rather by) the space-time continuum came in a court case I filed papers in last week.  This state court now allows, indeed requires, documents to be e-filed.  The document in question required a judge to review the papers, set a hearing date, and tell me how long I had to serve the opposition with it.  Before I left last week, I'd not received this notice through the e-file system, so after a phone call didn't clarify matters, I stopped in the courtroom yesterday to make sure they were indeed transmitting them that way and not through the old-school "pick-up box" located out in the hall. Yes, I was assured, I would get it electronically.

And, as it turned out, slightly metaphysically.  For when the document showed up in my email today, having been uploaded to the system at 1:33 this afternoon, it reflected the judge having signed it on March 20, directed a hearing on April 19, and required me to serve it by March 29.  As in two days ago.

I've called for an adjustment.  Hopefully that service deadline is not a Fixed Point In Time that can never be changed, or else I'm really screwed.


Things settled down into more normal unpredictability after that- my no (scheduled) appointments turned into two hastily arranged but brief ones, and I got home at a decent hour.  The past week's travels and other experiences have finally caught up with me, and I am looking forward to a day of Mostly Nothing tomorrow....

unless the first day of April turns out to be bigger than it looks on the inside of my schedule;)
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