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Opening Day Doubleheader - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Opening Day Doubleheader
Yesterday, I wrote about women playing hockey. This morning, playing hookey was more on my mind.

It somehow had slipped my mind that the Mets' first game of the year, at home, was this afternoon.  Last year, I made the drive to Citi Field for my first-ever home opener in person- and while I had no hope much less plan of getting in to the event this time, it would've been a nice diversion to take the afternoon off and watch the game from home with the Mets' TV team welcoming me back after almost exactly six months off.  I had no court scheduled today, so there was nothing really stopping me.

Only two things stood in the way of this plan: the rightful owners clients.  I had two scheduled for today, both in Rochester, bookending the opener with an 11 and a 3:30.  I thought briefly of calling both to reschedule- I've had clients do it enough times to me over the years with much more inconvenience- but I'd misfiled the phone number for the second appointment, a new arrival to the fold. And so, come 9:30 this morning, I just set out on the drive and, thanks to some construction, arrived just as the clock struck eleven.

Someone pulled in to the parking lot right behind me, but nobody I recognized.  I walked in to find my 11:00 waiting- and, right behind me, my other 11:00 also waiting, the one I hadn't recognized.  Yup, I'd managed to double-book- and running the "second" appointment conversation back in my head, I kinda even knew how she got the 11:00 time in her head.  So for over an hour, I juggled, using my mad skillz from years of seeing two-date-at-the-same-time tropes playing out on bad sitcoms, and shuttling back and forth between two conference rooms.  It was a stressed time, but when it was over and we'd had lunch in the office, it was time for the First Pitch and I didn't have a second appointment still to come.

No television was anywhere near, but I still have my iPhone radio subscription from last year (it renews next week), so with Howie and Josh setting the stage, I followed the first three innings from my desk in Rochester; the drive back home covered the middle innings; and just as I got back to my office here to check mail and other diversions, the Mets finally broke a 0-0 shutout and, by inning's end had piled on a 6-run lead that they would maintain.

I came home for the final two innings of Gary, Keith and Ron on the tv- they did a nice tribute to their longtime studio director Bill Webb, who passed away in the off-season at the age of 65- and despite some shaky relieving in the top of the ninth, the shutout and the Opening Day victory were preserved.

The first of those clients signed everything needed and I've since gotten things filed, and the second couple has now sent the rest of the information I need to help them, as well.  I also got two other things at least onto manageable portions on my plate for tomorrow; no game tomorrow, and I will not be making the return trip to see 1984 in Rochester, but we do own a copy. In a way, it would be more fitting to watch it from home so Big Cheeto can see me through the telescreen while I watch.

Maybe I'll even watch two movies at once.
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