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Numbers running - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Numbers running
An odd combination of them from the past 24 hours:

1984. Because of the way Monday worked out, I did not get to see last night's worldwide screening of the John Hurt-Richard Burton adaptation of Orwell's dystopic classic in cinema; Rochester's Little was the closest venue and I wasn't going back there just for that, and nobody here was showing it.  But we own it, so after dinner I put it into the DVD drive and watched almost two hours of history preceding itself.

I think I saw it (probably in the same Rochester cinema) when it was in first release back in 1984, and although I must've acquired it on DVD at some point since, I don't recall ever managing to watch it all the way through. It's that dark- by design of the cinematography as well as the faithful text- but I felt a need to join in the Resistance at the same time, more or less, as the rest of at least this time zone.

The parallels were frightening.  Goldstein appears on screen: "Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate!"
Compare: "Lock her up!" "Lock her up!" "Build a Wall!" "Build a Wall!"

Then the fade, up comes the soothing music, and the chant: "B-B! B-B! B-B! D-T! D-T! D-T!"

You see the fake news being manufactured. You see the plutocracy wanting nothing and the proles lacking everything and yet powerless to do anything about it.  And torture is great! Doubleplusbigly!


2.04. Miles walked/run on a treadmill this morning.  I've succumbed to another monthly marathon challenge. Last year, I won my 40-and-over-male age group, which I conveniently managed to corner by being the only 40-and-over male to be in my age group.  I think there's some actual competition this year, though. Added to a shorter treadmill block from Sunday, I'm averaging just over 1.8 per session, with at least eight to go- that would put me well over the half-marathon mark and with no chance of hitting the 26.2.

All for a stinkin' medal.


12. Thirty-plus years of bankruptcy, and I've been to most of the standard places: Chapters 7, 11 and 13; even some rather obscure international proceedings now handled under something called "Chapter 15" and, when I did them, known as "section 304" cases; numerous "adversary proceedings" within cases, and more than a few appeals.  My only missing numbers were 9 (for municipalities, virtually unheard of in New York), and 12- the family farmer form of bankruptcy.  I'd briefly parked a case in one of these a few years ago, but last December was my first actual filing of a Chapter 12, and today, the first one I actually presented and got (more or less) approved.

It helped that there is an assigned trustee who is really empathetic about how hard these people work and who goes out of his way to find solutions to issues within the bounds of his obligations.  Unfortunately, these also include idiots who either waited till the penultimate day to file their claims (they had over four months notice of today's deadline for doing so) or, even dumber, didn't file them at all.  Come the stroke of midnight, if they don't completely push the envelope and file them tonight, I can file claims for a couple of them, which will solve the problem.


That's all for Count Van Count. Come back tomorrow; maybe we'll do fractions.
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