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Sucks and Ducks - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Sucks and Ducks
I began the most recent post here by saying my day had sucked more than a vacuum.  That was actually an overstatement, since one thing not sucking around here last week WAS our vacuum.  I'd used it, quite successfully, to get years of dirt accumulation out of our living room area rug the previous week- flipping it over, vacuuming the back and thereby pushing deep-set crud out of the top side, rolling it back, clearing the crud from the hardwood, repeating, repeating, repeating. But when I went to do just the normal rug cleaning last weekend, the machine it no suckee.

We set it aside until yesterday, when Eleanor discovered the problem:  I'd bought a washable filter for it over the summer (the paper ones get easily clogged and can't be washed), and after all that repeating, I hadn't done a good enough job of drying the thing- so it slowed to a crawl. Or whatever a vacuum does when it abhors back. Soon as I put the old paper one back in, it suckee just fine. I've rewashed, and am still redrying, the washable one, and for good measure ordered a new one.  Meanwhile, I used it to get behind and around our front hall and media setup, which draw dust and birdseed like there's no tomorrow, and it seems to be working fine.

So for once, it's good when things suck.


Know what else sucks? Dogs- if you give them the right suckage:

That was the piling-on along the trail that runs behind our neighborhood, which our gleesome threesome returned to this morning.  No idea what they were all sniffing, but it must've been fascinating.

This walk also brought on the Duck Theme of the Day. When we got to our meeting point at the outdoor pool near all our homes, I saw that it was quite full, even though they drained it at the end of last season; the snow and more recent rain had come close to filling it again. And in all that water was a solitary duck, swimming round like he owned the place. Which, until Memorial Day weekend, he pretty much does.

At the end of the go-round, I saw he was not alone: I still had one of these in my car.


These are the trade show tchotchkes we passed out this year; I had one left over, and decided to gift it to my favourite Alaskan husky. Ursula ran after it and, at last sight, was proudly marching round with a mouth full of rubber duck.

Yep- he does make walk-time lots of fun:)


Less fun, with neither suck nor duck, was going shopping this afternoon. For clothes. Both of us.

::insert apocalyptic tones here::

Kohl's had given Eleanor some coupon cash to use next time she went in, and the paper had a 20 percent coupon if we broke 100 bucks.  She needed unmentionables; meanwhile, my gym sneakers had virtually no tread left.  She found several pair of what she was after; I found two pair, one running and one training, both close to 70 bucks each originally, down to 45 and 25, and then with the 20 percent off. We saved more than we spent in the end, at least according to the receipt, and there's more Kohl's Cash to use next time.

One oddity: it had been so long since I'd been in that store, I'd never noticed they'd gone to all-digital signage for their sale merch:

Logical, I thought (and posted): they'll always match the register and they can change them instantly. Only apparently not: a former Kohl-er commented that they can only be programmed at the individual sign.

Huh. That would suck, having to do that. Especially when it's vacuum cleaners on sale.
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