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Re-accommodating the truth - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Re-accommodating the truth
I had a semi-localized political post locked and loaded for today. It'll have to wait, thanks to the S-C-H-A-D-E-N-F-R-E-U-D-E of a corporation and a dictator going bad on us during the day.

You've likely heard of the United business.  To save themselves from paying four customers more than $1,000 or so apiece to volunteer to travel on a later flight, alert UA rent-a-cops seized a physician and wrestled him to the ground- and at last check their smartphoned thuggery has cost the airline's parent corporation more than a billion dollars in share value.

They've also been shamed and snarked beyond even my capabilities. Just a few:

We put the hospital in hospitality.

No volunteers? Unseat -> Beat -> Repeat

Even the competition has gotten in on the snark:

Also, plenty of references to Airplane!, Fight Club and Walking Dead. Surely they can't have been serious.


Leave it to Cheeeto to take the spotlight off the airline. Or maybe it was Johnny:

At an afternoon presser, designated stooge Sean Spicer tried to defend last week's Tomahawk orgasm on Syria by telling the assembled reporters what a bad guy Assad was. Why, he was worse than Hitler, who NEVER used chemical weapons.

Godwin 1, Cheeto nil. The Internet exploded with ridicule, especially with this gaffe coming during Passover, even more pointedly after neither the Cheeto nor his "some of my relatives are Christ-killers" kids deigned to attend last night's official White House seder, the first time in recent memory a President had passed over it.

Spicer doubled, tripled and quadrupled down before finally apologizing for being insensitive to everyone but his boss's "88" supporters.  Later, I wondered if he would have joined with United's embattled CEO:

"Hitler didn't exterminate the Jews. He reaccommodated them."

Why is tonight different from all other nights? Because before Pesach 2017, people with brains were running our country.
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